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  1. Col T

    "Vile Chants" on Train Back from Liverpool

    This is all very exciting...
  2. Col T

    Patrik Gunnarsson (Viking Fotballklubb)

    Bit surprised by this... Way better than Balcombe and maybe Fernández (albeit not seen as much of Gunnarsson). Seemed more in tune with how we want to play
  3. Col T

    Saïd Benrahma (West Ham)

    African Cup of Nations?
  4. Col T

    Champagne moment vs So'ton

    Parking quite close to the ground, that's about it...
  5. Col T

    Score Centre 2021/2022

    They're both as bad as each other..
  6. Col T

    Mads Bidstrup

    That's a good shout. He looks to me like a combination of Woods and Forshaw, always ready to receive the ball but plays with his head up so constantly aware of what's around him and where his teammates are...
  7. Col T

    Pete Hayward (West Wilts Bee) RIP

    R.I.P. Pete..
  8. Col T

    Final Score FA Cup R3 - Port Vale 1 Brentford 4 (Forss, Mbeumo 3 (1p))

    Looks a good player Harratt. On loan from Huddersfield.
  9. Col T

    Mads Roerslev Rasmussen

    His position now imo... if fit should play
  10. Col T

    NEWS **** ----> The Thomas Frank GPG 2021 Interview <----

    Thank you gentlemen, an excellent read...
  11. Col T

    Pontus Jansson

    Ajer thinking "sh*t he's gonna do someone in training "
  12. Col T

    Kristoffer Ajer

    Yep was in front of us on the walk back/queue to Stratford with I assume girlfriend and friends... Was trying to blend in but being a foot taller than everyone else he kept being stopped by Bees fans 😁
  13. Col T

    Shandon Baptiste

    I was critical of him for getting sent off, a combination of fatigue and panic perhaps from him but he certainly doesn't look out of place in this league...
  14. Col T

    Trains for Saturday - help appreciated

    True. I was thinking West Stand!
  15. Col T

    Trains for Saturday - help appreciated

    Walking to Brentford station will be about 15 minutes but you'll be station before Kew bridge so able to get on/get a seat
  16. Col T

    Great Football Club Names

    Deportivo w***a of course and my personal favourite... Botswana Meat Commission
  17. Col T

    "Celebration" - The End?

    Difficult to disguise a couple of seven foot Bees
  18. Col T

    Your Premier League Questions for Phil Giles

    What has he done with Buzz and Buzzette? Have they been press ganged into Matthew's navy?
  19. Col T

    "Celebration" - The End?

    More concerned about Buzz and Buzzette's absence tbh
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