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  1. Col T

    Gone Elsewhere Michael Olise (Signed for Crystal Palace)

    Bit surprised we weren't interested in Olise, especially if the £8m release clause rumour is true..
  2. Col T

    Ryan Mason

    Has announced his retirement after fracturing his skull...
  3. Col T

    Release clauses?

    Given all the talk regarding the relative values of Alan Judge and James Tarkowski in the transfer windows is this something we should look at more? I know with Moses we were maybe forced to sell for less than we would of liked but they are common place in Europe (Betinho €60m!!!) I just...
  4. Col T

    Lucky piss

    Can I point out I've missed both the Charlton equaliser and Moses goal today due to my 78 min lucky if you stand on Ealing Road in future prepare for a wet leg late in the game.. Was lucky though
  5. Col T

    Assistant Manager?

    Are we any closer to having one? I don't want Uwe to wear himself out!
  6. Col T

    Brentford FC striker shop window

    So all the strikers we had on loan are now at or hunted by others, seems a bit weird to me that we were never interested in Dean Bowditch or Sam Williams both now at Yeovil. Maybe AS has a gem up his sleeve, I hope so
  7. Col T

    Charlie Ide Loaned to Sutton United

    On a month's loan to Sutton United apparently.
  8. Col T

    Thomas Pinault

    Thomas Pinault has signed subject to a medical.
  9. Col T

    Rougier's contract

    Didn't Tony Rougier sign a 3 month deal with us at the beginning of the season? Has he signed/been offered a new one? Otherwise he may be gone in a couple of weeks a la Jason Price :eek: :eek:
  10. Col T

    Deano rejoins FFC

    From Gretna to Wimbledon!:eek:
  11. Col T

    Peters' red card

    Peter's red card Did we appeal against this card? If so was it turned down?
  12. Col T

    Peters or Constantine?

    As we all seem to feel McCammon is not upto the task in terms of goalscoring, who do you prefer from our huge resources. Both Constantine and Peters have had limited chances (peters especially) but for me at least Peters looks like he wants to have a go. Constantine is reasonably skillful but...
  13. Col T

    Whatever happened to Steve Slade and Dave McEwen

    Whatever happened to Steve Slade and Dave McEwan?
  14. Col T

    Ben Burgess Loaned Out (Merged Thread)

    Ben Burgess loaned out already! BBB has joined Oldham (in time for us to play against him!) on a 3 month loan from Stockport Palmer paid £450,000 for him in August :eek: Why loan him out? Who punched who?:)
  15. Col T

    Rory Allen Not surprisingly Portsmouth fans aren't impressed!:eek: They suggest marching powder may also be involved:)
  16. Col T

    Simon Rodger

    Is now playing at Woking! on non-contract terms. When we were linked before his wages were too high, but surely he fits the bill as an experienced midfielder? Come on Wally, get in there quick!
  17. Col T

    BeeBay auctions

    How about auctions of stuff in an Ebay stylee? I have some old tat (quality items;) ) to get shot of and would happily give the proceeds to Bees United once posted out Any value in doing this?
  18. Col T

    Nearly signing players

    As Tottenham "nearly" signed Rivaldo and now look to be "nearly" signing Morientes can this be a tactic to apply at Brentford? Contact Ronaldo's agents, offer £500 pw, his agents refuse but we "nearly" signed him and are thus a BIG club with ambition! :blush
  19. Col T

    Peters signs

    According to official site 20/2 on a 2 1/2 year deal Hurrah!
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