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    Virgin Money Giving closure

    Be careful those sponsoring Neil Greig and James Purdue, as Virgin seem to have closed their doors. Although says 30 Nov, there seems to be no website access already. The announcement is set out below. To sponsor Neil, visit To sponsor James visit...
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    Acronyms - what do they mean ?

    Is there a GPG training course for the meaning of acronyms used here ? Have just about worked out COYB and IMO or it’s more common brother IMHO (as Thomas says we must all be H!). But IIRC escapes me, and all those Emojis are surely for the younger lot … Also they mainly seem to be 4 letter...
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    GPG Membership Criteria

    How rigorously do we check the credentials of those becoming members of GPG? It seemed pretty thorough when I applied recently but there do seem to be fans from other clubs that post. Can or should we whittle those fans out ?
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