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    Champagne moment vs Rotherham

    3rd goal. 15 passes from kick off without Rotherham touching the ball.
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    Bolton Wanders AVOID Administration. 12 point deduction???
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    Non-League Tweets

    Thought I'd share this as they had me in tears laughing...........
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    Tired of Football

    A great read...............
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    Championship Debt

    Interesting article. One league I'm glad to see us near the bottom of:
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    Something we can all relate to.........
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    USA Bees

    What happened to the USA Bees thread? There's enough of us??? Anyway, for all USA Bees, the Middlesborough game is on Direct TV, so don't forget to set your DVR's, especially you TeeBee as the earlier game will be right in the middle of your breakfast serving. :) It's on the BeIN Sport...
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    USA: Mid-West

    Well it goes without saying that any Bees visiting Boise, Idaho are welcome to get in touch. Please form an orderly line. As an incentive we are only a 5 hour drive from Yellowstone. Great mountain biking, white water rafting and skiing in the area. The lack of rain however may...
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    Good things about this World Cup

    Seeing as most of the threads on here about the World Cup are full of piss and vinegar, I thought we should have a thread about good things that are happening in this World Cup. No Banana, Englands poor performance(s) do not classify as good things. I'll start with some things that have...
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    Harry Redknapp

    Just been named Premier League Manager of the year. I know he has his detractors on here, but well deserved in my ever so humble opinion. :wave:
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    Very impressed with the Burnley fans on Saturday. 0 - 3 down after 12 mins, 0 - 4 down shortly after, and they keep on singing and supporting their team, despite the obvious difference in class between the two sides. Heartwarming to see. :wave:
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    The natives are restless in Walsall
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    Celebrate Promotion!

    by supporting those who are much worse off that most of us.... This weekend (yes will miss the fabulous Luton game on Beesworld), I will be cycling 150 miles around Dallas, TX in order to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research. Any contribution you can make will be much appreciated by all...
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    Speaker System In The Ealing Road

    Was it just me but the announcements in the Ealing Road on Saturday were inaudible. :banghead: I was stood at the back directly behind the goal and couldn't hear a damn thing that was being said. It was my understanding that the system had been upgraded, is this not true? :fishing: Hell knows...
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    Dunnett by name...(1967 crisis)

    Dunnett by nature. Anyone who was around 40 years ago (October 1967) will remember that famous saying when Jack Dunnett tried to sell our beloved club and ground to Queens Park Rangers for 100,000 pounds!! Being a 15 year old boy at the time, I kept a scrapbook of newspaper articles about the...
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    Charlton vs Bolton

    Two penalties that weren't penalties, and Two sendings off that weren't sendings off. Ahh, brings back memories of this years world cup.......... :wave:
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    FA Cup Prediction

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    Daily Mail has Sammy down as one of their signings for £300k :eek:
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    Instant Replay

    I know I've mentioned this in a couple of other threads, and I know it is incredibly unpopular with the traditionalists, but this world cup has convinced me the game is poorer without it. This was not something I've thought about prior to this world cup, but with the outcome of so many games...
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    Tunisia vs Ukraine

    Another game that was completely dictated by the Referees actions. To go through, Tunisia needed a win, Ukraine a draw. First half Tunisia all over Ukraine, just preparing to go in at half time 0 - 0, Referee produces a yellow card for an innocous foul, second yellow so Tunisia are a man down...
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