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  1. YorkBee

    EFL Trophy

    Just wondering, if we received an invite, would we put the B Team into the EFL Trophy?
  2. YorkBee

    Spurs 2 Bees 0

    All in all A Mourinio masterclass. They certainly had the nous of how to stop our style of play, and we couldn’t get to grips with it. The one semi bright spot is that JDS gets an enforced rest which I think he was in dire need of. But my head is up as there isn’t a team in the championship who...
  3. YorkBee

    Custom Clocks: "Just a Train Station in Hounslow"

    Hello All, As the classifieds has been Archived I have no Idea where to put this. I make Clocks as a spare time filler and sell them with the majority of Profit going to the British Heart Foundation I am happy to make this clock for Bees supporters with ALL profits going to The BHF the cost will...
  4. YorkBee

    Own Up

    Who didn't sleep very well last night? Me for one. I'm a poor sleeper anyway even with the amount of Morphine I take, but I just could not get comfortable nor that sleepy. I'm like a kid before Christmas. Lets hope the sleep coach did his job last night
  5. YorkBee

    Champagne Moment v Hull City

    Doesn't seem to bee one so here are my candidates. 1) the support given to David Raya after that little miscontrol 2) the Hull city fans singing 2-1 are you are playing sh*t which was quickly replied with us singing 3-1 and were are playing sh*t when Ollie Watkins made it 3
  6. YorkBee

    Open Letter to BFC staff and players past and present

    Hopefully this is the right forum, if not please do your thing Mods. This is one crazy post. Probably the first of its kind on here from a member. I have just returned home from a Stress echocardiogram at Castle Hill in Hull. I have been given the news that my heart is now officially on the...
  7. YorkBee

    Where were you when you heard about the 1967 Takeover?

    As it is the 50th Anniversary of the news breaking, can anyone else remember what they were doing when they heard about the QPR Takeover bid? Personally myself only being 7 I heard when my dad came in full of hell. First time I can remember him really swearing in front of us kids. I burst into...
  8. YorkBee

    Kieron Agard

    I am a little bit surprised to find that Agard, who ripped us to bits for Rotherham last season has turned down Leeds and gone to Bristol City. Perhaps happy he has found a level that suits him. and I was thinking that I was hoping we would have had a go at getting him hay ho
  9. YorkBee

    The Barcelona of the lower leagues?

    I know this has been going a while and I always put it down as being born because we like Barcelona at the time were a club run by the fans. However, In the current climate and with the news that Barcelona are looking for a new stadium or upgrading the Nou Camp. As we got there first, firstly...
  10. YorkBee

    William "Bill" Worley RIP

    Sadly at 10am today Friday 13th September, My Dad passed away. He introduced me to brentford in the early 60's and I can still remember the first game he took me to, and the following week to my first away game. He was one of many that opposed the takeover by QPR. He didnt go to many games...
  11. YorkBee

    Bees V Stevenage Updates

    sorry JockBee wanted to be first tonight a message from LMYB follows "Thank you everyone, come on you bees please can we have three points tonight" I echo those thoughts Bees Bees Barmy Army :bound::bound::bound::bound: for every goal we score tonight I am donating £5.00 to cancer research
  12. YorkBee

    Bees V Donny Match Reports

    Cant see one started so here goes, my apologies if it has to be merged.. " 1 - 0 Douglas we are playing so well its scary " that was the text i sent my son at half time. 2 substitutions later and we fell to pieces last text to my son "dont ask me how we lost" even speaking to Donny fans...
  13. YorkBee

    Bees v Hartlepool Reports and Reaction

    First back by the look of it. God we looked very very Leggy today. perhaps one game too far but still could have won it. Dave just didnt get enough boot on a driven cross by clayton apart from that and a fussy ref a good point from a tired looking team.
  14. YorkBee

    Shirt Sponsorship 2011/12

    is anyone doing it? and if so when are we starting? got a £20.00 note burning a hole in my wallet
  15. YorkBee

    Charity sealed bid Auction to finish gpg shirt sponsorship draw

    Hello everyone. As promised when i did the draw for the shirts I did state when i started it that one of my tickets was going to be named on behalf of Cancer Research and if it didnt get drawn I would put up the shirt i won from Beesworld which was signed by the league 2 championship winning...
  16. YorkBee

    GPG Shirt Sponsorship Draw

    hello folks Now the season has come to a close. I will be starting the ball rolling on the grand draw to see which lucky chaps/esses win the shirts we have sponsored for the past season. Yes I know that the two players we sponsored didnt get much time on the pitch but we have for the first...
  17. YorkBee


    My last post for a while because of all the negativity on here. When are the good folks on here going to realise that the gpg has degenerated into an absolute hatefest towards the club that I love. It seems that nothing the club does is going to be good enough for what now seems to be the vast...
  18. YorkBee

    Bees V Owls updates

    sound been on for ages where is everyone?
  19. YorkBee

    GPG Kit Sponsorship

    Hi Y'all Many thanks to KD for his sterling work over the past few years. I have been given the dubious honour of carrying on this fine tradition so after I have liaised with KD and after the draw has been so ably carried out for last seasons shirts I will be badgering everyone about the...
  20. YorkBee

    National Express: A Warning

    To all you people who travel by train to away games.. Avoid National Express trains or their early booking system whether it be online or over the phone. My son had the misfortune of booking one of their tickets to travel from London Victoria to Bognor After arriving at Victoria in plenty of...
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