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    Report inappropriate behaviour at home games

    GPG is far more enlightened than twitter :sorted:
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    Report inappropriate behaviour at home games

    I for one am getting tired of this "New Brentford" b***ocks. If you are at the ground supporting the Bees then you are Brentford. Doesn't matter if you've been doing it for 50 years or 5! While I have utmost respect for everyone who has done the hard yards travelling up and down the country...
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    Too Many Away Fans in Home GA Areas (split thread)

    I would hope TAPS and ticketing history would be taken into account for any new ST sales. Certainly hope BIAS would be pushing for this. @hobbsy ?
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    Too Many Away Fans in Home GA Areas (split thread)

    Members may have priority access but IF there are any extra STs on sale then I would have thought they would be sold in tranches in TAPS order. Or at least how many times they attended BCS this season. Hoepfully some combination of both. Even there are any extra STs available, I wouldn't expect...
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    Report inappropriate behaviour at home games

    There was a woman on twitter yesterday who was taking her 10yo son to his first live football match. I think she accepted that there would be some industrial language but I'd hate their first experience of Brentford to be tarnished by someone like the moron mentioned in the OP who has been...
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    Mads Bech Sørensen

    I've liked him for a while and he's looking ready for an extended run starting at either the left or middle CB position. At 23 he's still at least 2-3 years from peak and could easily go on (with Ajer) to be the core of our defence for several years. He's comfortable on the ball, happy to carry...
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    Mads Bech Sørensen

    2 - we got one last night!
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    Pontus Jansson

    Exactly this! If we stay in the PL (or even if we don't) I expect the first 11 in three seasons time to feature only 2 or 3 of the current starters. As we did when we came up to the Championship we need to evolve and improve if we are to establish ourselves. While we won't be buying £50m...
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    Team vs Wolves (H)

    I think the player rotation helped against Man U - we looked fresher and created more. Happy to see more of the same. Against Wolves I think we need to be on the front foot again. Jansson, Janelt & Norgaard all looked tired, so I'd do with: Lossl Ajer...
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    MotM Man of the match v Manchester United (H) 19-1-22

    Jensen for me. His workrate was immense, he got back and covered, broke forward and used the ball well. It's a shame he didn't put away his chances (the third in particular was a great save by De Gea) but no point in comparing him to Rashford for finishing. The latter is a £50m+ striker and...
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    Arsenal Player Under Investigation for Suspect Betting Patterns on him Getting Booked

    I’d have thought it was suspicious if people were betting on Xhaka not to get a card…
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    Bees v Manchester United predictions

    Time for the bees to get buzzing. Swarm all over them and force their defense into mistake after mistake. Maguire to :redcard: after pulling back Bryan and from then on they crumble. 4 -1 to the Bees, Toney (2)(1 pen), Janelt and Bryan. Oh and Christian Eriksen comes out at half time...
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    Yes, Manchester United at home!

    United, Arsenal, Liverpool & Spurs at home in the league. All amazing. Quite frankly it's ridiculous for little old Brentford. Can't wait for tonight's game under the lights! Gonna make more noise than the Arsenal or Liverpool game! We can do this!!!!!!
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    Team vs Man United (H)

    it won’t happen, but I’d love to see a bit more skill and finesse in midfield for this one, especially as they are weak at the back! Lossl Ajer Jansson MBS Roerslev Johnson Eriksen Mudryk Henry Roerslev Jensen Norgaard Ghoddos Henry Mbeumo Toney Too soon???? 😉
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    Strong Rumour Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    Will be very happy if we get this deal over the line. Wouldn’t be overly surprised if we loan him back to Forest for the season though, especially if we bring in Eriksen as well. A very good prospect for the future, and a sign that maybe from PL season 2 we will be looking at going 3-4-3
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    Once he's up to match fitness he would start every game. At his best he's head and shoulders better than any other player we have! Who plays alongside him in midfield would depend on opponents. Norgaard plus one other probably.
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    Álvaro Fernández

    While I hate criticising any Bees player, two of his saves yesterday came as a result of his errors. First he flapped badly at the corner where Van Dijk had his shot and then the Jota chance came directly from his goal kick. I'm not saying the defence were faultless in either case, but decent...
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    Álvaro Fernández

    Sadly this sums it up. If the shot is inside the post, even a foot inside, then AF isn’t getting down to it. His hand was only just getting in the correct position by the time the ball had rebounded. He gets a good view of it but is off balance and slow to react. That’s not down to bad luck...
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    Strong Rumour Brennan Johnson (Forest winger)

    I could see us moving to 3-4-3 in future seasons, but to do that you need top class WBs and 2 very mobile midfielders who are very good on the ball. At the moment we have 1 of each, with Rico and Norgaard. Vitaly will improve, and hopefully JDS will fit right in at PL level but we still need to...
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    Liverpool v Bees predictions…

    Probably 2-1 to the scousers… hope I’m wrong and we get something from the game. It’s a free hit so let’s go for it!
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