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  1. Suntan of the Oak

    Fans: Whatever happened to . . .

    I am still alive you will find me some Tuesday Night home games in the new road I do Surrey Heath Bugs u14 netball away games instead
  2. Suntan of the Oak

    If Brentford didn't exist?

    I would have had to think of another place to put my Grandads ashes rather than in the Ealing Road penalty box
  3. Suntan of the Oak

    Bees Supporters of Norway On Tour

    Cheers Dawsy for the service that you are providing:sorted:
  4. Suntan of the Oak

    Colchester Utd (Away) - 23.2.10

    Why dont you go via Southend and Shenfield then you dont have to get the train to London
  5. Suntan of the Oak

    Leeds Away

    I was told by a leeds fan today best way is to drive and park in the cark park next to the ground only £3
  6. Suntan of the Oak

    Best and worst chants

    I remember singing hold me close by david essex in a pub in crewe once in the early 90's never rearly understood why we sang that song might have do with 70's songs that birmingham and stoke sang at the time
  7. Suntan of the Oak

    No Concessions in the Paddock

    Mads never seen you in the paddock so why are you commenting
  8. Suntan of the Oak


    I come to GP from camberley if I run back to the car after the game I can get home in 35 minuates
  9. Suntan of the Oak

    To those of you NOT going tonight.......

    Dawsey I also am a glory hunter so cheltenham at home is about we I will be going again
  10. Suntan of the Oak

    New Manager: Who do you want?

    I think Andy Sinton should be the next manager he served the club well is doing a great job at Fleet Town (with no Money) so he is the man for me
  11. Suntan of the Oak

    Return of the Fitz

    Are we going to put our faith in someone that the AFC Wimbledon Fans were glad to see the back of after 5 games this season
  12. Suntan of the Oak

    County Cricket Season 2006

    I work in Woking and would be happy to see Brentford play there but that another thread (not a palace) fan actually the bit in Surrey I live is next to Hants and Berks border and the nearest league team to me is Reading followed by Brentford
  13. Suntan of the Oak

    County Cricket Season 2006

    Time to be a arrogant an surrey fan "we are going up say we are going up" also "Going Down with the Yorkshire Down with the Yorkshire " ps never ever felt confident about singing jingle bells at Brentford away games
  14. Suntan of the Oak

    County Cricket Season 2006

    Still make no differance Middlesex are going down and Surrey are going up
  15. Suntan of the Oak

    County Cricket Season 2006

    Surrey still going up and Middlesex going down so whats in a just a day score Ps I dont like Hampshire as well as I live on that boarder
  16. Suntan of the Oak

    Player on trial from Doncaster?

    Is that the same Jason Price that Uggered off to Tranmere from us
  17. Suntan of the Oak

    Player on trial from Doncaster?

    Dorchester sounds like Doncaster and is nearer to Torquay
  18. Suntan of the Oak

    Questions for Greg Dyke

    A question for greg Did you go to Chesterfield away 1981/1982 season
  19. Suntan of the Oak

    free season tickets for the kids

    Still cant see Brentford giving away something for nothing
  20. Suntan of the Oak

    Goodbye Lindleys!

    TUPE is not brand new but you are stuck with the staff over the transfer period
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