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  1. detours

    FiveThirtyEight Predicted Table 2021/2

    The FiveThirtyEight predicted table has been updated for the new season, and currently has us to finish 4th from bottom, on 38 points. We seem to have dropped a few SPI points over the close season from 67.0 to 63.3 Obviously it's of questionable accuracy before a ball is kicked, but will be...
  2. detours

    Who do we NOT want to be our new manager?

    This may get taken down by the mods, but I feel it is asking a significantly different question to the other poll of who we WANT to be our new manager. I guess the club does look at fan opinion, and hopefully if enough people dont want someone to be our manager perhaps the club will take...
  3. detours

    Who should take our penalties?

    Well, this season we have had more chances to have a look at our penalty takers than usual what with the 2 shootouts in the League Cup. And after missing 2 against Exeter today, I think that something needs to change. Too often we throw away what should almost certainly be a goal, and we were...
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