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  1. Santa Barbara Bee


    How would you like our traditional rivalries with teams such as QPR or Fulham to be played out? Would you like to see them slide down the league into the oblivion of the Conference so that you can lord it over their fans at every available opportunity, or would you like to play them every season...
  2. Santa Barbara Bee

    Fred Gardner RIP

    I'm sad to report that my dad, Fred Gardner, passed away today at 3:00pm from pneumonia. He was 91 years old. Fred attended his first Bees game in 1937 when we were in the top flight and managed to attend games at GP for 8 decades, mostly with my mum and myself in tow. He took me to my first...
  3. Santa Barbara Bee

    Luton Town Relegated

    For all you Luton Town haters, they were beaten 1-0 by Derby County tonight and will be playing Hartlepool United next season.
  4. Santa Barbara Bee

    Here's one for the conspiracy theorists

    Those of us who thought the Argentinian referee was establishing his credentials with Blatter for the World Cup Final during the England-Portugal game have seen their suspicions confirmed: How much longer do we have to put up...
  5. Santa Barbara Bee

    Welcome home Graham Poll

    ...Graham Poll. Time to get an early start preparing for Torquay vs Accrington Stanley.
  6. Santa Barbara Bee


    Since they tonked us 5-0, Cheltenham's record in League Two is P4, W0, D3, L1, 2 goals scored. A case of 'Wish we could play you every week', eh? ;)
  7. Santa Barbara Bee

    Test Matches at Lord's

    This may be a misconception on my part but it seems to me that England's Test Match track record at Lord's is abysmal. Can any Bill Frindalls out there verify this? My copy of Wisden is sadly 15 years out of date.
  8. Santa Barbara Bee

    Come On You Reds

    It's official: wearing red gives sports team a decided edge. Maybe the white stripes are holding us back! ;)
  9. Santa Barbara Bee

    Poor Gates? Check out Wigan!

    Many are complaining about the poor turnout for last night's game at GP but look at Wigan - only 7,547 for the league leaders in the Championship. Both Swansea and Bristol Rovers had bigger crowds in League 2. It can't all be down to the weather and Champions League on the telly can it?
  10. Santa Barbara Bee

    Reggae Boyz

    Deon and his Jamaican teammates did us proud last night with a 3-0 away win over El Salvador (Deon didn't score). With the US drawing 1-1 away to Panama (an injury time goal from Cobi Jones secured them a point), the table, after 3 games, now looks like this: USA 1-2-0 5 pts Jamaica 1-1-1 4...
  11. Santa Barbara Bee


    Hereford have just been eliminated from the Conference playoffs on penalties after being 17 points clear of the third place team during the regular season. What's the point of playing quality football over 42 games when it's all pissed away for the sake of 10 days of manufactured playoff 'thrills'?
  12. Santa Barbara Bee

    London teams we actually like?

    I know it's traditional for supporters of London teams to hate each other (especially West London sides in our case) but are there any local teams you have a soft spot for? I've always liked Charlton and root for them in the Premiership because of their loyal fan base and ability to do well both...
  13. Santa Barbara Bee

    Plymouth game on the 6th

    I will be attending the Plymouth Game on the 6th (or, if it's postponed, Blackpool on the 16th) and hope to meet some of the Grapeviners before or after the Bees' inevitable victory. Does everyone still hang out at the Potteries?
  14. Santa Barbara Bee

    Cobblers Match Reports

    Bees 2, Cobblers 1 -- A much-needed win. Is Sonko our secret goal-scoring weapon? Should we play him up front alongside Vine and Marky Mac? Was the midfield any better today? Tell all lads.
  15. Santa Barbara Bee

    Wycombe Match reports (Incl Robin Bee Thread)

    Wycombe Match reports Finally, a win over the Chairboys. Wasn't our last success the 4-1 LDV thrashing? How did we do? Have we bounced back from the Tranmere and Cardiff debacles? How come we're getting all these penalties this season?
  16. Santa Barbara Bee

    'Uddersfield Match Reports

    I must admit I was full of trepidation for this one but it sounds like the new lads did us proud. Match reports here...:D
  17. Santa Barbara Bee

    Brentford v Stoke City Match Reports

    Superb Win, sounds like a great game. Tell us all about it, lads.
  18. Santa Barbara Bee

    Notts County Match Reports

    QPHa and Fulham lose, Bees pull it out with a last minute winner -- what a day! Was it really that close or should we have won 6-1? Give us your comments here lads.
  19. Santa Barbara Bee

    Streakiest Bees Era?

    Has anyone else noticed that since Ron Noades took over at GP the team has produced Brentford's longest unbeaten streak, longest without scoring a goal, equalled the record of consecutive wins and now seem hell bent on breaking the record for consecutive defeats. This has to be the streakiest...
  20. Santa Barbara Bee

    Wrexham Match Report

    3-0. A good win it seems. Are we back to our earlier season form or are we still struggling? Write your match reports here lads.
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