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    Bryan Mbeumo

    What was the Toney and mbeumo song from last night? I know it was status quo, but unsure of the words 🐝
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    Mads Bech Sørensen

    What was Sorensen's song last night? Couldn't make it out 🐝
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    Tickets for away games

    So far this seaso, I haven't gone to an away game, however, there are a couple shortly that I want to go to (I have approx 3900 TAP's). I know the club sends out an email and you have to 'click' to buy tickets. Presumably, you are then sent to a page to enter bank card details etc. Do you then...
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    Bryan Mbeumo

    What's the lyrics and tune to mbeumo's song? 🐝
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    Final Score FA Cup R3 - Port Vale 1 Brentford 4 (Forss, Mbeumo 3 (1p))

    Who's the captain today and what squad number is lossl? 🐝
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    Patrik Gunnarsson

    In answer to your questions: 1. Not sure, but don't think so. 2. Yes he could play for another club (but I think we will keep him as reserve to Fernandez. I also think he will play vs Port Vale).
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    Patrik Gunnarsson Gunnarsson back from loan spell.
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    Final Score Brighton 2 - 0 Bees

    What was the attendance last night? 🐝
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    Frank Onyeka

    Assume Onyeka will be the only player called up for the African Cup of Nations in January. If this is the case, then I don't think he will be too great a loss.
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    Shandon Baptiste

    I thought he was MOM last night.
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    Covid Declaration Forms

    We were checked when we arrived at 6.10pm.
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    Which players have actually contracted the virus? Heard rumours of Henry and Fernández, but who else apart from pinnock also?
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    Adrian Beckles RIP

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    Final Score Stoke 1 - 2 Bees (Canos, Toney) LC R4

    Who's captain? What's Oyegoke's squad number? 🐝
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    Tariqe Fosu

    Last season, Tariqe was in the matchday squad for every single game. Can't believe Thomas suddenly doesn't rate him. Something must have happened behind the scenes.
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    The Club Shop

    No!! Why!!
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    Charlie Goode

    Interesting that Charlie returned to our squad on Tuesday, while his brother Ben returned to the Wingate and Finchley team last Saturday. I still think they may have both been missing due to a family matter.
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    Brentford FC Programmes 2021/22 (subscriptions)

    Are the Liverpool programmes going to be on sale today with cash or is it now only by card? It was mentioned on the OS that this was going to happen, but nothing on the OS site today, yet.
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    The Club Shop

    Is the new club shop on Lionel Road open from today as we were told? Walked past on Tuesday and it didn't look anywhere near ready.
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