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  1. Paul O'Brien

    Does this change its name?

    It may be covered elsewhere, but in case it isn't... what do Banana and the other powers that be plan to call this forum in the future? Personally, I think it would need to be a stonking good name to replace the GPG.. 2000AD kept the same name into the new millennium, while 20th Century Fox...
  2. Paul O'Brien

    Are we Bury?

    Worrying countdown on the Home Page. It says... There are no matches. CountDownTimer.DisplayTime(FormatResults)
  3. Paul O'Brien

    This Season's Match Programme

    Not as good a programme as previous years, I feel: disapponted for example that I couldn't find "They played for both sides". In particular, is it just me (actually it's not as my 16-year old son had the same problem) or is the use of silver/grey (for example on the Barbet page) a bad move as...
  4. Paul O'Brien

    Come back kids

    As was mentioned in the Odubajo thread, they say "never go back". I was trying to remember which players did come back and whether they did well or not (at least by the standards of when they were here before). Off the top of my head: Marcus Gayle - fair Lloyd Owusu - good Nicky Forster - fair...
  5. Paul O'Brien

    Players that Previously Supported The Bees

    My son was asking about that v FC1K. I agreed with what you say, but suggested Carl Hutchings as the exception.
  6. Paul O'Brien

    Neon Cup

    See the Bees under 13 team beat Panioios 3-1 today and will face AEK Athens in the final.
  7. Paul O'Brien

    Rugby League player on eBay

    Brilliant idea - hope it works for him. Story here eBay here:
  8. Paul O'Brien

    Johnny Paton - Brentford FC - RIP

    Made 90 appearances for Bees 1949-52 scoring 14 goals, I believe, after placing an ad saying he was available to any club who wanted him. Died on Friday aged 92. RIP
  9. Paul O'Brien

    1971-2 kit

    Looking at the kit shown in the programme v Reading, two things struck me. First, there were tiny variations in the stripes on the shirt - for example, the way they overlapped with the collar - suggesting that they had been handmade. The second was that, even allowing for the tiny...
  10. Paul O'Brien

    How would you like to be the goalie?

    In the Pacific Games football tournament, Micronesia aren't doing very well. First match, L 0-30 to Tahiti. Second match, L 0-38 to Fiji. In the second half of the second match, with their team 21-0 down, they replaced their goalie with an outfield player. He managed to keep the score down by...
  11. Paul O'Brien

    Good gesture by Danny Graham

    Sunderland's Danny Graham has given nearly £3000 to help save a footballer's career. Well done sir!
  12. Paul O'Brien

    Closest league

    Nervous about Saturday? It could be worse. Apparently in Algeria, with 4 games left out of a 30 game season, every team could still win the league. And if you want a tight finish, look at these two...
  13. Paul O'Brien

    Teenagers who cemented their place

    Over the course of the last couple of seasons, we've seen a number of youngsters make their debuts for the Bees, with Jake Bidwell making the position his own. That set me thinking - other than the players who turned out this season (eg O'Connor and Reeves) and loanees such as Jordan Rhodes -...
  14. Paul O'Brien

    Sohail Rehman

    Had a look but can't see this on the site... Just come across the story of Sohail Rehman, the world's first wheelchair-bound, fully-qualified football coach (he coaches able bodied footballers!). He's from Keighley, and you can read about him here...
  15. Paul O'Brien

    Birthday notification in programme

    My son's birthday is coming up and he's asked if he can have birthday wishes in the programme (don't necessarily want his photo in there). Anyone know how to go about it - is it just a case of getting in touch with the Programme Editor or is there more to it than that?
  16. Paul O'Brien

    Alfreton v Sheffield Wednesday

    Okay, it seems to have been a youngish Sheff Wed team, but really... For those who missed the score, it was Alfreton 14 (yes, FOURTEEN), Sheff Wed 0.
  17. Paul O'Brien

    Brentford FC's Fallen Heroes.

    Reading about the footballers who went into the Great War and gave their lives (for example, a Celtic player received the VC), led me to wonder - how many Bees players fought in the First World War, were there any tales of heroism and so on. Rebus - over to you (if it hasn't already been...
  18. Paul O'Brien

    Facebook and twitter

    A nice idea - on the website. Unfil you get to Friends library. Just why would I want to 'hook up with United supporters from right across the world'? If somneone from the official site is reading this, please can this be changed right now!!!!
  19. Paul O'Brien

    Shots from 1971

    I came across a couple of shots I took in September 1971 (I think it was against Aldershot). They were taken with a Polaroid, so they're not great - but here they are for your nostalgia value. (If it was Aldershot, I think it was 0-0: the first goalless home draw we'd had for some time...
  20. Paul O'Brien

    Liverpool's 2 other 'titles'

    Sorry if it's been covered before, but have you spotted that Liverpool have suddenly discovered 2 (or 3) other titles that they didn't know about hidden down the back of the sofa where Granny had put them for safekeeping? On the...
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