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    Colliers Launches

    Collier Launches whose boats we use for our epic river trips from Kew Bridge,are looking for help to get through the current difficult time. If you can contribute please google their website for details. I would hate to see them disappear.
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    The Nowhere Men

    Reading the Nowhere Men by Michael Calvin. May have been covered in another thread,but a fascinating read about the football scouting system and much more. Brentford heavily featured and come out of it very well,particularly the insight into Mathew Benham's philosophy. 2014 Sports Book of The...
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    Bob Green RIP

    Bob died suddenly at home after attending the Portsmouth game.He had followed the Bees for over 60 years,and recently received an award from the FA for 50 years service to football,with Kew Association FC. His son Paul,will take his place today on the Ealing Road terrace,wearing a special...
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