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    BIAS - Can you help us out ?

    The BIAS AGM is only a couple of weeks away (17th November). We have not received many nominations for the executive committee and we have two long standing members who will not be standing for re-election. Can you help us out? The majority of our meetings will continue to be held online...
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    West Stand - Block Party

    We've put a little bit of advice up on the BIAS site based on our understanding of the situation.
  3. BIAS

    Boat to Fulham - Tickets now on sale

    Tickets are now available please see for details
  4. BIAS

    Lionel Road - A Club Statement

    Some more information is available on the BIAS site
  5. BIAS

    Boat to Fulham

    Hi All, Many thanks the 8Corner's hard work again we will be running two boats to Fulham. Prices are £11.99 for Adults and £5.00 for Kids U-18. Tickets are available on-line at
  6. BIAS

    Stewarding in New Road (Bans given to 2 supporters)

    We have been in contact privately with those involved. BIAS have a direct line to the FSF National Council so even if we can't help directly we can certainly help opening dialogue with the FSF.
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    EXCLUSIVE: New Club Badge

    At the last quarterly meeting with the football club, the BIAS committee members present were shown three new designs for our Clubs badge. As individual’s we gave our personal feedback on all three of the designs As an Association we offered no comment as we had neither sought the views of...
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    Away atmospheres - the last straw

    There is the possibility of using the seat selection on our ticketing website as per home matches. This does require sufficient information and cooperation from the home team (some clubs insist on selling in block order), plus someone at BFC to input the data.
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    Away atmospheres - the last straw

    We met with the club tonight and they are looking at ways to ensure people have more choice of seats at away games.
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    QPR v Brentford (Sky TV) - 28/10/16 - TICKET NEWS

    We are liaising with the club at the moment. Expect some news soon.
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    Whole Game Solution - Brentford Fans' Survey

    A Quick link to the survey
  12. BIAS

    Whole Game Solution - Brentford Fans' Survey

    Hi All, If you do one thing today... please make sure it is to complete this survey so that we can let Brentford FC know their fans views on this important issue Thanks in advance
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    Football League Restructure Plan....... Again

    He didn't disagree with any of our comments but we have not seen the club's official response to the EFL.
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    Football League Restructure Plan....... Again

    We were originally due to meet with Mark Devlin in October to discuss these proposals and we were gearing up to consult members and other fans to get a detailed response in. We were then told towards the end of last week that the deadline had changed and we had to meet straight away. We...
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    Prepaid Card for all Spending at Lionel Road (aka KurtCard)

    We caught up with the club before the match yesterday and it was confirmed that there are no plans to introduce any pre pay card type system at either GP or LR.
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    Fans' Remembrance Game

    ^^ A quick bump as a reminder of Friday's special game
  17. BIAS

    Fans' Remembrance Game

    Details of Brentford FC’s fifth Annual Remembrance Game, to remember the lives of all Brentford supporters who passed away in 2015 have been amended as the chosen game is now live on TV and are as follows. The Annual Remembrance Game will now take place when the Bees entertain Burnley on Friday...
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    2016/17 Ticket prices; BIAS need your views.

    It may not even be half time in the footballing calendar, but we’re already thinking about next season. The club is probably thinking about ticket prices for next year too and we want to know your thoughts on this important issue. What do you like about the changes this season and what could be...
  19. BIAS

    Brentford U21 vs Bristol City U21 - at GP Tonight 6pm ko - Free Entry
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