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    Man Utd (H) - Wed 19 Jan 20:00

    Exactly. I've booked the Saturday travel because I thought the Saturday 3pm Wolves game was confirmed at that time .
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    Christian Nørgaard

    Yes. Would be nice if it encourages others to follow suit.
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    Final Score Brighton 2 - 0 Bees

    The amount of times our players, when under pressure just kick the ball up field without looking up worries me. Invariably this sets up the opposition again . I know it is EFL stuff but I'd rather we put the ball out for a throw. Watched on the box but our lack of cover for so many key players...
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    Gone Elsewhere Vanderson (Grêmio RB now Monaco)

    You're all wrong anyway. We'll be signing a Brazillion. ref. the jokes thread
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    Team vs Watford (H)

    looks the most likely line up. Or maybe start Forss so that Wissa could come on later to change it up ?
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    Final Score Spurs 2-0 Brentford

    ......... and easily the most boring football chant in the history of the game.
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    NEWS **** ----> The Thomas Frank GPG 2021 Interview <----

    Very well done, and great value for the coffee money !
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    Secret talks to remove parachute payments

    Err..... if the talks are secret how come everyone knows about it
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    Safe Standing at Man U, Man C, Spurs, Chelsea & Cardiff from Jan.2022

    Presumably so not to achieve an unfair advantage ? but back in the day, I'm sure I remember standing in terraces at away ends when the home lot were all seated .
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    Romaine Sawyers (Stoke City on loan from WBA)

    Better than Jensen ?
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    Audio Commentaries

    Can't seem to find the Bees Player thread. I subscribe annually to the audio commentary But keep getting blocked on match days . password and everything ok but message saying oops something went wrong appears. I've ended up having to pay extra monthly amounts . There used to be a link to email...
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    Team vs Stoke (A)

    Well it's the B teamers for me. In our first season in the PL think we should concentrate solely on the league and not get too preoccupied with the cups. :sneakoff:
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    Leicester (H) Champagne Moment

    ..........and he tapped him on the shoulder after, just to rub it in even more :)
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    Bees v Leicester predictions

    Well it can't be tougher than Liverpool or Chelsea can it ? he says hopefully ! I'm with Doovester on this one, 3-1 us.
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    Pontus Jansson

    He seems to have got over the injury problems that dogged him last season. He has steadily improved since then and I agree this was his best game for us. Lets not forget how influential a captain he is too. Inspired signing to help get us up to the PL and has looked the part in the tough games...
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    Wiki PL Games Moved for TV and Other Reasons (non Bees)

    Oh sh*t means another overnight stay. Starting to get very expensive now. Anyone in London looking for a lodger !
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    Chelsea (H) Champagne Moment

    So really a thank you to banana for telling us not to sing it.
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    Chelsea (H) Champagne Moment

    There was a moment in the second half when the ref made yet another 'unpopular' decision and the whole ground erupted. It seemed to unite players and us combined and we never looked back from then on. As someone said the roof would have well and truly come off had we scored.
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    Mathias Jørgensen (Zanka)

    I think he is pretty solid and an excellent player to have as cover, but I felt against Chelsea we missed Ajer bringing the ball out like he does
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    Yet more innovation from BFC

    Fin Stevens was mentioned.
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