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  1. Bolivian Rovers

    Birmingham Away 28th February 2014 Chiltern Railway

    £12.00 return from South Ruislip to Birmingham Moor Street (1.9 miles from St Andrews) Just booked it, looks like a standard price.
  2. Bolivian Rovers

    Eng vs Aus Headingley Corporate Tickets Sunday 3rd Day

    Anyone interested please pm me, the price of the tickets are £150.00 each.
  3. Bolivian Rovers

    John Mackie New Captain

    TB has appointed John Mackie as our new captain, may we see the old Kevin O'Connor return?
  4. Bolivian Rovers

    Bees Fans in Ealing Road for Hartlepool Game

    This week the club should make the decision to put Bees fans in the Ealing Road end, to hopefully enhance the atmosphere at a game we just have to win. The Monkey hanger supporters surely can be housed in Braemar Road, and also change the status of the game, to ticket preferred rather than all...
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