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  1. Matty D

    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Manchester United 3 Att 17,094

    Plus the Velvet Underground just before second half kick off!
  2. Matty D

    New Kits for 2021/22

    I thought a lot of people (like Guilford Bee) had found that Umbro kits were smaller than Adidas for the same size, hence asking if needing to go a size up this year was compared to pre-Umbro kits or last year's Umbro one, because if the latter that might mean two sizes up from what someone...
  3. Matty D

    Arsenal (H) Fri 13 Aug (SOLD OUT)

    Had a ST for donkeys years until a few years back having a little 'un meant I wasn't getting to enough games to make it worthwhile. Didn't get one last year as I assumed there wouldn't be any crowds in at any point so seemed pointless to buy one just to get it refunded. Unfortunately the...
  4. Matty D

    Arsenal (H) Fri 13 Aug (SOLD OUT)

    I got one with a little over 2500 TAPs. Edit: yeah, looking like somewhere around the 1000 mark may be a cut off
  5. Matty D

    Arsenal (H) Fri 13 Aug (SOLD OUT)

    Or what the TAP requirement for the initial sales period will be.
  6. Matty D

    Arsenal (H) Fri 13 Aug (SOLD OUT)

    With the West Ham & Valencia no-claimed ST seats being released today plus the online kit sale starting, and given there's no further mention of it on the website I'm starting to think that was probably a typo in the earlier ticket story.
  7. Matty D

    The Knee...Here We Go, and Welcome to the Premier League.

    Off-topic but I'll never forget the programme interview with John Mousinho (who IIRC was doing a history degree in the US when he got offered a pro deal) where his response to "What would your Mastermind subject be?" was Post-Revolutionary Russia. Maybe no surprise he ended up as PFA chair!
  8. Matty D

    European Super League

    I imagine the Premier League could live with those six playing in a midweek Super League instead of the Champions League/Europe – although if it was every single midweek would become an issue. So presumably the battle will be with UEFA, who can’t afford to have their cash cow torpedoed. Sounds...
  9. Matty D

    My Mate Karl Robinson

    Lee Johnson isn't bigger than anyone :cool:
  10. Matty D

    BFC accounts 19-20

    certainly you’d think only Arsenal interested, and don’t know how that plays. Cana didn’t get him last summer and had to settle for Runnarsson who’s now been drummed out. Maybe he has more leverage because of that, but this season won’t have helped his case.
  11. Matty D

    BFC accounts 19-20

    As per NLBs post, what’s next on the conveyor belt after Toney, Henry and DaSilva. No one doubts we’ll get serious money for the first and at least semi-serious money for the other two.
  12. Matty D

    BFC accounts 19-20

    Not Watkins / Benrhama money but we might get a bit for Janelt. If Baptiste can get and stay fit then you there's still some unrealised potential there. But yeah agree, the cupboard looks a bit bare. Can't imagine post-Covid losses the money will be there for adventurous acquisitions this...
  13. Matty D

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Harris gone Cardiff sack manager Harris
  14. Matty D

    Score Centre 2020 / 2021

    He's reffing us on Saturday....
  15. Matty D

    Brentford 2-1 QPR

    In the calendar year 2020 he's played 45 mins for Denmark, in a friendly against the Faroe Islands. He does have to travel for all the games to sit on the bench I suppose.
  16. Matty D

    Derby County 2018/19 - Financial Concerns?

    If their main problem in recent seasons is they've run out of FFP headroom for Morris to put more funds in in pursuit of promotion (hence the need for the shenanigans with the ground) I'm not seeing how getting richer owners solves that? Maybe they'll be able to get more expensive lawyers to get...
  17. Matty D

    Brentford 1 (Toney) - 1 Norwich

    The cross for the goal got me thinking that maybe ditching the inverted wide forwards temporarily might help with their poor form. Last season we had a consistent goal threat across the front 3, so playing Benrhama and Mbuemo on the sides where they were most likely to score made sense - it was...
  18. Matty D

    Brentford 1 (Toney) - 1 Norwich

    I think the game turned on a few periods - first the five minutes after we scored when Marcondes put a free header wide and Toney brought a great save from Krul and Mbuemeo maybe didn't realise how much space he was in from the rebound and tried to lash it in from a very tight angle. We score...
  19. Matty D

    FT; Brentford B v Aldershot 2-3 (Triallist, Pressley)

    Looks liek line-up is: Thompson O'Connor Hocknehull Koutsimouka Gordon Gilbert Janelt Hammar Trialist 15 Pressley Trialist 17
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