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    Final Score Liverpool 3 Brentford 0

    I agree. It’s not he’s that bad but the defence have no confidence in him. Will he come, will he pass etc. He has been in the team long enough now. Time Lossul
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    Phil Giles

    They seem to be doing some sort of youth teams down at Bedfont Sports. Most days I see young lads in Brentford tracksuits heading that way.
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    Final Score Southampton 4 Brentford 1 (Janelt)

    They had to much pace and we fell for it start of second half. We were finally getting our passing going and bang done on the break.
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    Tickets Southampton (A)

    Now sold
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    Tickets Southampton (A)

    Anyone wants my ticket I’ll have with me Sunday £30. Midweek with trains that don’t run late are a pain in the arse
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    Travel Liverpool (A) New Date; Sunday 16th Jan 2pm ko

    I cancelled £10 fee per ticket. Money already back in my account.
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    Travel Liverpool (A) New Date; Sunday 16th Jan 2pm ko

    Just got refund on train and requested one from club. Early shifts are good for Friday games but not Sundays!!
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    Man Utd POSTPONED!

    Training ground just shut surely they would of been travelling today and wouldn’t of done much at training ground?
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    The Crystal Palace Supporter Today

    He was outside at one point asking if the police could keep an eye out for him.
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    Chants for Marcus, Ivan and others

    Everywhere we follow the boys in red and white we hate the f***ing Fulham and QPR are sh*te. We come up from the EFL and now we’re here to stay just a bus stop in Hounslow we play the Brentford way allez allez allez allez
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    Final Score Bees 3 (Pinnock, Janelt, Wissa) Liverpool 3 Att: 16,876

    Quite probably the best game I’ve seen live! We didn’t deserve to lose and right now it feels f***ing amazing
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    NEWS COVID-19 Ground Entry Requirements

    Probably due to the fact the cards can be easily forged. The writing on my card is no better than my 5 year olds!!
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    Covid and the future of games

    Having had covid I do have a covid pass valid for 6 months on the NHS app. This never seems to be mentioned when people list the requirements for entry. Can we find out if this will be accepted? I will be getting second jab in the next week or so.
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    Entry Issues at Forest Green Rovers Match

    People turning up 20 minutes into the game was a joke my 5 year old daughter could not see anything whilst people were still coming in. The stewards in W235 were a joke - all the late comers couldn’t find there seat and the stewards had disappeared. They also watched the game rather than the...
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    NYC Bees

    I spent 3 months in New York many years ago. All pubs were interested in opening if premier league on. Brentford away to Charlton in league 1 midday kick off no chance!
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    Saka in the first game

    I’ll give him a clap when we are 3-0 up and he’s substituted for being out done by Rico!!
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    BBC or ITV for Final??

    I can’t stand Matterface I also can’t stand Natalie when she is on I Follow. I’ll just be honest, I don’t want to hear the kid speak!!
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    How Many TAPs Do You Have?

    3657 - West stand
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    Please can everyone stop trying to make out this is not fair! The club have used TAP’s for years. People saying they couldn’t afford a season ticket, sorry but finance was available. I often paid mine over the season and it worked out cheaper than paying on the gate. Anyone who hasn’t got enough...
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    Play-Off Final Tickets - SOLD OUT

    See you at Wembley TAP friends
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