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  1. Fat Bee Slim

    2020/21 Fixtures Announced

    Judio1999 has edited this post on August 21st to make the fixtures easier to display Sat Sep 12 Birmingham City A Sat Sep 19 Huddersfield Town H Sat Sep 26 Millwall A Sat Oct 3 Preston North End H Sat Oct 17 Coventry City H Wed Oct 21 Sheffield Wednesday A 19:45 Sat...
  2. Fat Bee Slim

    Most points earned in the EFL over the last decade

    I found this article from Four Four Two magazine, which ranks all teams by total number of points won in the EFL over the last 10 years (Jan 1, 2010 to Dec 31, 2019). It makes for...
  3. Fat Bee Slim

    Umbro filming at GP for the Derby game

    Has anyone applied to be part of the filming that Umbro are doing at the Derby home game on Sat? BFC put out an advert for it at the start of Aug, which I applied for via email. They obviously didn't have too many takers as a new advert with a later deadline (23rd Aug) was subsequently on...
  4. Fat Bee Slim

    Bees v Posh Reports

    A very late defeat which is hard to take, considering we were undoubtedly the better team in the second half. However, as frustrating as it is to lose so late on, it was so pleasing to see that performance; we didn't let heads drop, took the game to them, created chances, fought for the ball and...
  5. Fat Bee Slim

    Champagne Moment v Saints

    "is there a firedrill?" was defeaning and very entertaining but, for me, Dave's nutmeg against Dickson in injury time was gold :sorted:
  6. Fat Bee Slim

    Plymouth v Bees Match Reports and Reaction

    Pretty impressed with us today; without playing brilliantly, we fully deserved the victory and were the more likely to score late on. First half was fairly even although we had a lot of possession for the 'middle half'. Woodman put a good ball in for the first, that Leon powered towards goal...
  7. Fat Bee Slim

    Conference clubs appeal against expunsion of results against Chester

    10 clubs inc Stevenage and Oxford are appealing against the loss of points gained against Chester this season; surprise surprise Luton aren't one of them, and Richard Money has some very choice comments about everyone in the conference doing "everything they can when they play us, and when they...
  8. Fat Bee Slim

    Leeds Reports & Reaction

    Good point for us, but we weren't as overrun as I expected us to be. Leeds played the ball around nicely around the halfway line but in the final third they were really poor, Chesney only had two saves to make and they would've expected to work us more. Woody missed a great chance after about...
  9. Fat Bee Slim

    Hull City in financial problems

    According to the BBC, even Hull City could be in major trouble if they were relegated from the Prem...although this report is based on the year prior to their promotion.
  10. Fat Bee Slim

    Villa Player Arrested Turns out there is a U in Osbourne after all :eek: lol
  11. Fat Bee Slim

    Planning Permission for Stadium Improvements Granted

    Has been approved :sorted: Presumably the grant from the Football League is still available to pay for it all?! Excellent news for the club :fishing:
  12. Fat Bee Slim

    Who are Donny Rovers signing?,,10329~642447,00.html?ptvParm= There's been some mention of Warren Feeney leaving Stockport. Any ideas if this is true? Or who else they could be signing? :wave:
  13. Fat Bee Slim

    Port Vale match reports

    First back...but not really a surprise! Well....we won, but it wasn't convincing! They looked crap, really poor, but we didn't look very good either. Vale hooooooofed it quite a lot, and always tried to get it out wide to put a cross in, but although they won a lot in the air they didn't look...
  14. Fat Bee Slim

    Lita - diver?! ****** :mad1: :mad1:
  15. Fat Bee Slim

    Wrexham on the brink?

    A Wrexie-supporting friend at uni has been told by a lad from back home that Saturday's match at home to Hull might be postponed, because Scottish Power have turned off the power supply to the Racecourse. Presumably because Wrexie are in debt and haven't paid their bills. Obviously this is a...
  16. Fat Bee Slim

    MA on BBC site

    Apologies if this has appeared elsewhere. The piece doesn't tell us much that we don't know already, but is still worth reading. MA = Legend.
  17. Fat Bee Slim

    Bees sign striker!!

    Something Harrold...or Harrold a text about it a few mins ago. 18 year old striker. Gotta be good news! Hopefully he'll bang in a few (a la Owusu!) and we'll get Scott McDonald too, and things are definitely looking promising for next season!! YOUUUUUUUUU REDSSSSSSSSSSSS!
  18. Fat Bee Slim

    3rd Div Playoff Final

    Currently 4-2 to Bournemout, sounds a really good game from the radio. B'mouth scored right on half-time to make it 2-1, gave them the advantage which they built on in the second half... 5-2 now. All 3 first half goals meant to be good quality, looking like Bournemouth are going up which isn't...
  19. Fat Bee Slim

    Mansfield Reports

    Not bad. Very entertaining for a 0-0, both teams created loads of chances, could've been 4-4 instead. To be honest, both teams were fairly crap defensively. Ours was all over the place in 1st 30 mins, they hd 3 VERY clearcut chances that should have gone in, but Viney and Hunt had good...
  20. Fat Bee Slim

    Rochdale v Coventry

    Interesting to see that ROCHDALE are resting players for their cup tie versus Coventry City! Whatever happened to David v Goliath - are the roles reversed or have I missed something??
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