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  1. OhBeehave

    Football Black List Awards 2021

    This year's awards are being live-streamed this afternoon from 5 pm. Featuring our own Ivan Toney 9on Zoom I hope), Gus Hurdle and Billy the Bee who are honoured this year. 🐝🐝 *Dear admin, I did a search but couldn't find a thread so if there is, please move this...
  2. OhBeehave

    Josh Cavallo Comes Out as Gay

    This is great to see. I know it's only the A-League but it's encouraging. I hope to see this in European football sooner rather than later.
  3. OhBeehave

    Tom Curley

    I apologise if there's a thread on him somewhere. I couldn't find one. I'm just wondering if anyone remembers him. I've been waiting for the club to get in some new 4X home shirts and they now have. I was going to be boring and get my nickname and a random number on the back but then I decided...
  4. OhBeehave

    Jim Donnelly

    I just saw this on Twitter (but haven't read it yet) about Jim Donelly who played for us from 1925-28. .
  5. OhBeehave

    Ron Peplow - Brentford FC - RIP

    The club has announced that former player Ron Peplow died last Friday. PS. I hope this is the right place as I've never posted one of these on here before.
  6. OhBeehave

    ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ticket ballot

    Hope, it's ok to start this here but I couldn't find a thread already. I got an email last week about signing up for the ballot which I did at the time and today, the ballot is open until the 29th of August. I'm hoping to go to quite a few matches if I can but some of the pricing seems a bit...
  7. OhBeehave

    Jean Junction Clock

    I've tried searching on here but it came up with so many pages of results going back a long way and it would take ages to go through all of it. I hope someone can help. I saw a tweet with a pic of the Ealing Rd end which says 1960s. The Jean Junction clock is in it and I could be wrong but I...
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