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  1. Oxford Bee

    Garth Crooks’s Team of the Week

    Taking up Ed’s suggestion, if it’s not already somewhere else, here’s a place to comment on GC’s TOTW. Last week two Bees, this week none … 😱
  2. Oxford Bee

    Who's improved and who's regressed?

    There was an interesting article in The Athletic about Chris Hughton's demise. The stats were damning in the picture they painted of Forest under CH. One measure that was quantified was the number (few) of players who had improved and those (more) who had regressed. I'm probably a bit naive...
  3. Oxford Bee

    Exiting the stadium at night

    I don’t remember this being an issue after the Arsenal game but it seemed very dark walking back towards the main road after the game tonight. There is a kerb alongside the hoardings and a significant trip hazard for a crowd with no street or other lighting.
  4. Oxford Bee

    Tayshan Hayden-Smith Interesting article tin a former academy player who speaks well of us, but had a tough time as a youngster.
  5. Oxford Bee

    Happy 50th Anniversary

    Today is the 50th anniversary of my first Bees game. I can’t say I remember too much about it but there must have been something! We are having some family round to the garden today. Mrs OB thinks it’s just because we are finally allowed to meet outside, but I know that there’s something more to...
  6. Oxford Bee

    Team for Stoke (away)

    Assuming that Pontus is out, surely just the one change ... Raya Dalsgaard - Mads Bech - Pinnock - Henry Jensen - Da Silva - Janelt Mbeumo - Toney - Ghoddos ... unless there's an 'away' formation.
  7. Oxford Bee

    Team v. Fulham

    With Rico possibly out and therefore his recent switch to right back unlikely, it raises a bit of conundrum over who plays right back in the Carabao. Will Henrick be risked and have Dom continue at LB or another option ... Three at the back with Sergi at Right Wing Back or maybe at Right Back...
  8. Oxford Bee

    Podcast about (NBA) Refereeing

    I listened to this today and think it's definitely worth recommending.
  9. Oxford Bee

    Brian Riemer - Assistant Head Coach
  10. Oxford Bee

    Favourite Pantomime Villains

    I wonder who are your favourite players you 'love to hate'. I'm not talking about ex-Bees like Rowlands and Tarkowski who've blotted their copybook, but this opposition players who wind us up. I'm thinking of people like Lee Tomlin and there was a player a few years ago - Mark Yeates - when...
  11. Oxford Bee

    Bees66's Funeral Arrangement

    I'm going to be conducting the Funeral/Thanksgiving Service for Joel next week. I met with Mrs Bees66 (Natalie) this afternoon and went over the arrangements and I suggested that it might be useful to pass on some information on here. The service is at Mortlake Crematorium, Townmead Rd...
  12. Oxford Bee

    Cult Bees & Legends Vol 1 - good home needed

    In the process of decluttering I've discovered I have an extra copy of Dave Lane's excellent book. I shall be at the match on Saturday if anyone is interested in providing a good home for it. No charge.
  13. Oxford Bee

    John Byrne

    I'm at a wedding reception where John Byrne (ex QPR/Sunderland/Brighton/ROI) is the best man. Anyone got any helpful anecdotes that I could use as an icebreaker? :)
  14. Oxford Bee

    Ricardo Larrandart

    This guy - an Argentinian - apparently has a role with BFC. Does anyone know what it is?
  15. Oxford Bee

    Goal Celebrations - I must be getting old, but ...

    I think I must be getting tetchy in my old age, but I don't understand some of the modern goal celebrations. I'm not talking about the choreographed whole-team efforts, it's the individual ones that I don't get. What is it with the thumb-sucking, the finger to the lips and - and this is a...
  16. Oxford Bee

    Interesting Article
  17. Oxford Bee

    New Posts

    What governs which threads appear in the 'New Posts' list in the column on the left of the screen?
  18. Oxford Bee

    Sport Relief: The Shirt of Hurt

    Apologies if this appears somewhere else, but I was listening to Danny Baker's show on Five Live yesterday and he was suggesting an idea to raise money for Sport Relief. He called it Shirt of Hurt in which supporters were sponsored to where the shirt of their most hated rival. He had a...
  19. Oxford Bee

    FA hold off on anti-homophobia ad campaign

    I've just looked at this: on the BBC site and I wondered what other GPGers thought about this idea of certain behaviours being unacceptable in the workplace, or elsewhere, and therefore why should they be acceptable at a football match...
  20. Oxford Bee

    Cult Bees and Legends Vol.One

    Now for sale on ebay - spare copy! :)
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