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  1. GlasgowBee

    Punj Up Brentford

    One for the Paddock to shimmy too en masse 🐝👍
  2. GlasgowBee

    FIFA article - Data and diversity a winning Brentford blend

    A nice read by FIFA when you have a minute or two about data and diversity at Brentford
  3. GlasgowBee

    Club motto

    I am not aware if there is a Brentford club motto in the same vein as "more than a club", "prepared", "you'll never walk alone". Following the Guardian article may I suggest either of Josh DeSilvas phrases when discussing how it feels to be in the club. "Good People Do Good Things" or, one...
  4. GlasgowBee

    Childish puerile sound a like names

    I am keeping an eye on the Thisted 👊 v Middelfart 💨 game in the Danish Second Division Group 1 currently 1-0 coming up to half time (the scorer is the disappointingly normal sounding Andersen)
  5. GlasgowBee


    Some of these people could give SB a run for his money on the ball skills stakes
  6. GlasgowBee

    West Stand Staircase

    From the tweet below, there does seem to be a staircase noted (drawn) on the second slide of the pdf about the stadium website...
  7. GlasgowBee

    Most accurate list of all players with at least one appearance

    On the JZ thread I noted a website which Rebus quite rightly noted as not being complete or accurate. Here is a wiki set of pages with a list of 1272 Brentford players, but is there a more accurate and complete list, and if so, could you please post a link...
  8. GlasgowBee

    Brentford player name closest to your name

    As I looked at the list in the link below, I wondered which of all the Brentford players has their surname closest to mine, and it's Chris Kamara. Which player is closest to your name? (with no reason is divulge your own) In fairness to...
  9. GlasgowBee

    ITK Index

    In health (as I am sure exists in many industries) there are agreed grading systems of evidence to give some sort of validity to claims ranging from an A for meta analysis of randomised controlled, well-designed research trials down to a D for expert opinion (SIGN or NICE guidelines for example...
  10. GlasgowBee

    Online club shop

    My better half spends like its going out of fashion and has a husband and 3 kids in the house who adore Brentford, yet my missus doesn't bother with the club shop because she says there's nothing worth buying on it, or it's too difficult to use. Now bearing in mind that if online buying and...
  11. GlasgowBee

    Thomas Frank's Potential Coaching Team

    During the press interview Thomas Frank talked of having 2 assistants (please feel to correct me if I have misheard) So who do you think they should be/could be /will be. I thought it should have it's own thread :sorted: I haven't got a clue, my wilding guess of one of them would be Ben...
  12. GlasgowBee

    Witham Town FC fan

    This chap travelled 100 mile round trip to sing for 90 mins on his own, and his team lost 4-1, he never stopped supporting his team :sorted:
  13. GlasgowBee

    Taking the old bag to the game

    There seems to be some chat about stopping people taking bags into stadium because it takes to long in security checks. This made me consider two things 1. I wonder what people may think about this 2. Can I get quite an amusing (in my own small little world) thread title out of this? :)
  14. GlasgowBee

    France v England

    Heaton in goal and a further 3 goalkeepers on the bench
  15. GlasgowBee

    Griffin Park and Diana Dors - a double phwor!

    Currently watching "The Great Game" on Talking Pictures TV channel 81 on freeview, it is filmed inside Griffin Park in 1952 and seems to contain real crowd and game footage. A digital recording might provide some great stills. A young Diana Dors is also in the film. It is repeated on Talking...
  16. GlasgowBee

    Models to success

    Being one of the Love Child Squadron I am OK with the model MB is continuing to develop at Brentford, but I also appreciate that not everyone in the village agrees, that is perfectly normal and I would be surprised if that were not the case. What I would like to know from the distracters is...
  17. GlasgowBee

    Scrabble score - players surname

    Which Brentford player past or present would have scored the highest total in Scrabble? The real smart ar$es could add in the effect of the board multipliers if you cane bothered:)
  18. GlasgowBee

    GPG list of Brentford players filed under "legendary status"

    Enough joshing about, who are the Brentford legends, what is the definitive list. Not entirely sure how this should work. Maybe one could nominate and someone second it by "like"-ing it, maybe 10 "likes" equals a legend. Maybe it's just too long a summer and nobody will play the game. I will...
  19. GlasgowBee

    Sam Allardyce

    Just seen him being interviewed on MOTD - is he mutating into Gordon Brown?
  20. GlasgowBee

    Ads on mobile OS that don't go away

    Is anyone else experiencing the inability to view individual stories on the mobile OS due to full page adverts that don't cancel? It has resulted in the information on the site being inaccessible to me.
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