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    Neal Maupay - (Gone to B&HA)

    ask banana ask banana he know everything i have been told
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    FT: Swansea City 3 Brentford 0

    the game was bad enough but Billy Reeves commentary on I follow was crap. He should stick to giving traffic reports on the M3 and he spent more time talking about colours of boots hairstyles and the colour of Swansea managers potters teeth. GIVE IT UP
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    Fulham thread

    i far sooner see QPHaa struggle than Fulham . I remember Jack Dunnet and Jim Gregory so that could have seen the end of our Bees, Just ask P G.
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    Sir Andy Murray

    i think you should ask his MUM she runs the ANDY MURRAY SHOW
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    New CEO: The Odds

    Banana remember s/h meetings.
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    AFC Wimbledon

    above his level
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    AFC Wimbledon

    about his level
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    Manager or players you wished BFC had signed

    he lives on greendragon estate
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    Manager or players you wished BFC had signed

    he lives in green dragon estate
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    QPR (A) - How will club cope with ticket sales?

    i am season ticket holder have been since 1989 and i do not go to Loftus Road on pride. The stand at the school end is rubbish with bad views and since the Jim Gregory and Jack Dunnett SCAM in 1997 QPR are poison to me and i dont miss a battle at G.P. i dont give any cash to QPHa .I will...
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    Leeds Fan in Peace

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    Brentford Italian Bees (ITALY)

    I have a friend in Italy name Simone Baldacci who played for Palma until 10 years ago as a central defender. He now runs a bar in a local ristorante MAMA ENZA in Pietrasanta Tuscany and in his bar is a Brentford banner on the wall. I took this over to him 6 years ago and as we holiday there...
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    Bees v Villa predictions........

    3-0 to the BEES play well on the box.
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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    if you didn't live in Australia you would be ok. In bagshot its ok
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    Aston Villa v Brentford Reports and Reaction

    I think we will be a better team with out Harlee Dean . I thought John Egan was out standing and we are always likely to score from him from set pieces and corners. Ryan Woods welcome back top top man.
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    The Football Code - MB & Smartodds story

    Harry's dog can and he also has his own Bank account. true ask Harry.
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    Jota's Last Match on Saturday?

    thought he had a quiet game today not at his best.
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