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  1. calzi

    Brentford vs Aston Villa Champagne Moments

    because we scored from it!
  2. calzi

    Brentford vs Aston Villa Champagne Moments

    some clown in the north stand shouting ‘rubbish’ at 0-1 when we were patiently passing it around the back which was all part of the build up to Wissa’s superb goal 🤣 rubbish!
  3. calzi

    Man Utd POSTPONED!

    others saying on that thread they don't usually train until 2pm the day before an evening kick off
  4. calzi

    Team vs Watford (H)

    alvaro goode pontus pinnock roeslev baptiste norgaard janelt henry wissa mbeumo
  5. calzi

    Brentford vs The World Famous Liverpool Champagne Moments

    when Pinnock scored 😍 my shoulder dislocated as I celebrated just as it did when Ivan put us 1-0 up at Wembley. Straight back in & carried on, adrenaline (& lots of beer) helps the pain 🐝
  6. calzi

    "Celebration" - The End?

    Stu Wakeford finished The Warm Up with ‘let’s hope we hear celebration come 5 o clock’ I take that as him answering this thread as it’s being kept 🤞
  7. calzi

    Where to watch extended highlights of matches?

    not sure where else to post this but does anyone know why the club aren’t uploading ore & post match interviews anymore? I watched them all religiously the last few years since they’ve been on YouTube and on beesplayer before that. Watched TF’s 30 minute pre Arsenal one but they’ve since taken...
  8. calzi

    New Kits for 2021/22

    have rules changed this season? great to see all teams in the prem wear their home shirts away if they don’t clash. Where as for a fair few years now it’s seemed they wear an away or 3rd kit even if there is no way near a clash with the home team.
  9. calzi

    NEWS Villa (A) On Sale at Box Office Only

    Says 17th in title and 16th on website
  10. calzi

    Pontus Jansson

    or go & watch Malmö
  11. calzi

    Pontus Jansson

    Has retired from international football
  12. calzi

    Derby County - Financial Problems

    4-3? 3-3 over here. Ravel Morrison screamer to equalise
  13. calzi

    Squad Numbers 2021/22 Confirmed (accidently it would seem)

    plus Onyeka is 12 on the website.
  14. calzi

    Squad Numbers 2021/22 Confirmed (accidently it would seem)

    Reposted it now & it’s the same as before I think 🤔
  15. calzi

    Squad Numbers 2021/22 Confirmed (accidently it would seem)

    did anyone else notice on Saturday, PG read out the team with the new numbers (as seen on the tweet which has now been deleted), the players wore different numbers to that & last season (for eg Ghoddos was no11) and then on the screen (photo attached) was a complete mish mash! Ajer & Ghoddos...
  16. calzi

    Stadium Announcer. Is it still Peter Gilham?

    Half time score it’s VAR 1 Valencia 1 there’s other subs too, check your programmes. love it PG. didn’t notice it wasn’t him announcing the scorers though?
  17. calzi

    Final Score Brentford 2 Valencia 1 (Pinnock, Onyeka)

    This squad is special. So much exciting talent on our books. Fearless, we're in for a very fun season. Can't wait.
  18. calzi

    Frank Onyeka

    may only be friendlies we've seen him in but wow i'm in love with this man. What an engine. Absolutely love his desire, no surprise he nicknamed free-kick Frank, loves a tackle. Expect him to be regularly booked and worries me he'll get the occasional red too seeing how var has worked in...
  19. calzi

    Ivan Toney

    statement is bang on
  20. calzi

    Romaine Sawyers (Stoke City on loan from WBA)

    looks like he’s on his way to Stoke…
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