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    Bournemouth 0 - 1 Bees (Mbeumo, Pontus sent-off)

    The way I am seeing it both Forss and Jensen appear short on confidence. Forss needs to get involved more and Jensen needs to be more selfish and take more shots.
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    Wembley Ticket Update Thread

    Anyone know the policy with refunds my son has caught a sickness bug going around at his school and has started chucking up. Perfect timing I know he is gutted.
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    Who do we want to replace AS??

    If were going for previous players lets keep a watch on Keith Millen. Surely he needed to start slightly lower than Championship albeit prior to recently as a caretaker now full time. He knows the pedigree Championship players have but surely a step too far too soon. Lets watch this space
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    John Bostock

    Whilst I part agree with you comments I am sure a certain Mr Rhodes with his perfect hatrick vs Shrewsbury and his consistency until his injury would disagree
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    Cue the insults but send the useless piece of sh*t back to non league How many bucket collections does it take each month to pay his weekly wage
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    Strikers ,thread 122 of same subject

    Dobbo if fit back in defence Kevin O'C in midfield Just a thought !
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    Burton & Rankin

    Should we still be patient or look to bring a loan player in
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    Telford V Brentford Match Report

    Seen the goals on BBC 2nd Pen was for handball was it deliberate??
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    Also encouragement to fellow players as he left the pitch. If only we could afford to lose Thompson and have Rougier as a player coach
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    Goodbye Roget

    Sonko and Roget were great at the start of last season because they were fighting for contracts. Why does Sonko look like a player playing out of position :rolleyes:
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    Goodbye Roget

    What a t@sser he is did anyone in Braemer see him give the w_anchor sign to his own fans after he was booed for being sent off. He was totally out of order and hopefully this will be the last we see of him in the red and white stripes even though the cover we have is dodgy. Bye Bye Roget Bye...
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    has wally lost the plot?

    With the lack of service the strikers are getting surely they need to get back to look for the ball in anycase they are the first line of defence and therefore need to assist where they can. If Peters gets on the pitch on Monday whatch him and then pass comment.
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    has wally lost the plot?

    What do you mean I saw Peters for the first time last Saturday and he is lazy. Did you see him once chase back for the ball like most average stikers do. Unfortunately I have to agree with Downes on this one
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    Bish's irony (merged threads)

    Get Wallys mate Vinnie Jones to make a donation to buy a player and then use the money to to pay off Downes simple !
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    Stannard & Thompson

    What do these 2 do for their wages I have serious doubts about Downes but I cannot see where the so called experience is being used Replace them all before we are relegated by Christmas
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    best goal scored you have ever seen by the worst bees player ever!!!!!

    Marcus Gayle from the half way line versus Bradford. We were 1-0 down and one 5 or 6 -1 cant exactly remember
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    Oldest Bees Song

    Been a regular since '77 but cant remember any terrace songs apart from Hey Jude Whats the oldest anyone can remember apart from " come on Brentford" (before anyone says it) FYI my earliest memories are the Chris Kamara / Gary Roberts era
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    Hey Jude

    We all know the song but do we know the words I will start is anyone going to finish the rest Hey Jude dont make it bad Take a sad song and make it better Remember.....:)
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    experienced striker needed?

    Guaranteed that this new signing will sit in the reserves for a year and then be released after wasting our money on his wages. This guy is not the answer. Wally look for experience !!
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