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  1. oddbod

    Who are we bigger than?

    Following on from the discussion about Leyton Orient on another thread. Who are we bigger than? Are we bigger than Walsall? Are we bigger than Oldham? Are we bigger than Peterborough? Are we bigger than Leyton Orient? Are we bigger than Bristol Rovers? What about Scumthorpe?
  2. oddbod

    Champagne Moment Oldham 30/01/10

    Only managed to get within 8 miles of Oldham, it was too dangerous to travel by taxi as driving conditions were hampered by the blinding sun that was in evidence all day :rolleyes: Meeting up with Dangerous and Dangerous jnr, so great to see the bond between the two of them. :sorted: Finding...
  3. oddbod

    Motherwell Bee's 3 year record gone

    :( Motherwell Bee had not missed a Brentford game home or away for 3 years, unfortunately due to illness he had to miss yesterdays match. Anyway see you on Tuesday mate, hope your better by then. :beer:
  4. oddbod

    FA Cup Coventry v Portsmouth Live on ITV 4

    it is on very soon :)
  5. oddbod

    Staines v Hampton Jan 1st 2010 3pm Kick Off

    Good excuse to get out of the house. Is Dean Wells still injured? Staines v Darlington in the league next season? :confused:
  6. oddbod

    Champagne Moment v Gillingham

    Alan Julian and his kicking Managing to get a pint in before the game. The Brentford steward puking up outside the burger bar after twenty mins. Paying £25 for a £23 ticket to sit on some scaffolding. Lewis Price making two blinding saves. Seeing Stimson trudging off knowing that we had...
  7. oddbod

    Leeds v Kettering

    Why is there no thread for this? 1-0 to Leeds, plenty of Kettering there. On ITV4 now.
  8. oddbod

    Today's Metro Incorrectly has Brentford game as Sunday 1pm

    As it says in the title. Todays Metro Gateshead v Brentford Sunday 1pm:banghead::banghead::banghead:
  9. oddbod

    Private Message abuse/outrage

    I recieved a Private Message from Billy Hunt I replied to the message on three different occasions today, Billy Hunt has not recieved the messages but a character called gumboselfish has recieved them instead! :nono: I know the moderators read our private messages and they are not safe etc...
  10. oddbod

    England v Belarus

    I cant wait got a whole pint of milk, 40 teabags and whole packet of digestives. I love football I hope Angleterre win. Come on Gabby kick it in the goal.:grey:
  11. oddbod

    Champers momento at Monkey Town

    So many to mention The Hotel £32 for 4 people! 2nd pub we went in we saw a brilliant car crash The people of the North East (What a great bunch of down to earth lot) Sagres at 1.70 a bottle Half Price tickets in the home end. Eating a burger and chips in the home end/ then pie, chips n...
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