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    Jonas Lössl

    Absolutely agree I think we’ve been so blessed with Raya that we almost expect a GK to be a natural ‘ shot stopper/distribution’ maestro. I’ve always appreciated fans irritation with Fernandez distribution and box presence. But my god he has made some saves! Lossl commands more of course...
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    The Official How Will Brentford Stay Up This Season Thread…

    “ How will Brentford Stay up this season”. By having More points than the bottom three. Goodnight folks, close thread 😊
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    Thomas Frank

    Is it me or is TF getting more and more flustered when interviewed? Appreciate his honesty when talking about manner of conceding ( Liverpool ) and his managerial conduct today, but this need for, I would say, ‘ blind enthusiasm’ is becoming a slightly broken record. I love TF, his new...
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    Kristoffer Ajer

    On the ball he bursts forward well, a bit like Sam Sodje ( don’t worry about it new bees fans 😂).
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    Bees v wolves predictions….

    Not to sound like a smart arse, but I think most clubs probably looks better when it isn’t 0-1 after 10 minutes ☺️
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    Rumour Keane Lewis-Potter (Hull Striker / Winger / Wing back)

    I think you're right. If it weren't for the fact Forest have Davis, It's possible Bees would have used Forss as a loan move for the Johnson transfer, imagine they made do the same here maybe?
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    Bees v wolves predictions….

    Depends which Bees turn up. Gonna say 1-1 (Eriksen, 89 min)
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    I appreciate that, despite our positive position, we may be seen as a bit of a punt for those waiting to cement themselves in the Prem. Yet if we don't manage to sign any of our targets, it would be pretty disheartening I think
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    To be fair Wissa has been injured and has added a much needed goal threat ( his goals have been crucial in earning points). Yes he hasn't always been on it, but that's true of a few, including Ivan. Plus for the majority of the season he's had to make do with making an impact off the bench...
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    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Manchester United 3 Att 17,094

    After allowing some time to evaluate our performance, I have to say I’m very proud yet perhaps equally frustrated. Not because of the result. In the end, it is a game of taking chances after all. But more because,it highlights what we can do. We can more than compete, we can maintain pressure...
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    Oh, sorry I was coming back from work and I interpreted the post as Fabrizio had done an update saying something along the lines of " Brentford are interested in Eriksen". Have just looked and you're right, it's nothing at all rally
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    Fabrizio is very reliable. Adding this to Frank not wanting to give much away in his interview would add up to one result. Up till now I have not let myself truly believe it'll happen. Now, I think it really might!
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    Me too. Only the PM allows himself that power.
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    General January 2022 Window

    I do see you’re point. A compromise could Be that if any new players playing in rearranged fixtures can only be used if bought with income from a sale. I.E. if Burnley bought a 20 mill striker he could play because the money has been generated from a sale during that time. If you take Spurs as...
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    General January 2022 Window

    I imagine that the end of year financial losses caused by Covid must have had a huge affect on clubs planning for January swoops. Considering we’ve posted a loss (minimal) even though the financial gain by recent sales are being realised ( Watkins and Benrahma) must mean a lot of clubs, or more...
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    General January 2022 Window

    Just wanted to ask about transfers for postponed games. Does anyone know ( or read anything ) about clubs fielding new signings for rearranged games. Not to go on about this Burnley issue, but surely clubs can’t be allowed to buy new players and use them as though for games that were meant to...
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    Covid Football "Break"?

    Just saw that Burnley have requested postponing the postponed game which having been rearranged will now be rearranged but may need to be rearranged again depending on further postponements that will succeed the original postponement as well as the postponement that followed that one. This in...
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    Team vs Man United (H)

    I appreciate your point, and I can't fault your analysis. You're right that tactical discipline is pivotal to ensuring a tight and cohesive system. The issue for me, is that at this moment in time, I'm concerned that discipline is failing. That's not to say we haven't exceeded all expectations...
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    Team vs Man United (H)

    Love it! You’re absolutely right. Unless I’m mistaken, this current system of 5-3-2 only came about because the last system wasn’t working. Therefore, I don’t entirely understand the reluctance to change things.
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