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    Few of our boys killing it 😁
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    Lionel Road North Car Break In Again

    Another poor chap had his window smashed in again near to the width restrictions in Lionel Road North. Wtf don't the Police do something about it? This seems to be happening at most games so is a known issue... Can someone please bring this to the clubs attention and get some of these scumbags...
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    So How Many Games Ban Did Vaulks Get?

    Presume Vaulks will or has got a retrospective red card for his deliberate assault on Norgard but havent seen any news. Anyone know when this will come to pass.
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    Hospitality Packages At LR

    Anyone know if there are plans for one off game Hospitality/Tour of the ground packages at LR and if so when they might be available. Would've made a good Christmas pressie i would have thought.
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    Will We Be Close Enough To The Pitch At Our New Ground To Do This
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    buy a brick

    Does anyone know if you can buy a brick with your name on for the new stadium and if so how you go about it?
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    Ashley Cole

    Disgraceful the way he went down on the edge of the box when there was no contact at all. Its high time the FA started banning players when they are blatantly cheating.
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    Junior Season Ticket

    does anyone know how the age limit works? my daughter is 16 at the end of May,if i apply before her birthday can i get her a junior season ticket for the coming season or is it her age at the first game??
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    got £30 on @ 33/1 from paddy power today for us to get promoted! bit ambitious i know but i think its a good bet a those odds. also got a free £30 bet for signing up with them online.:D :D If we keep playing the way we have been in the last few games i don't think the play offs are out of the...
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    Should We Sack Butcher And Scott Now?

    here's the poll you've all been waiting for!!! you know you're gagging for it! :D :D I've been saying for months now that we are cack, and sadly it appears i am right. Never thought we'd win tonight so i never bothered going. to be honest its only the fact that i made the stupid decision of...
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    Should we sack Butcher and Scott now??

    i can only comment on the home games but we are truly awful and imo are lucky not to be bottom. anyone could see this league was gonna be a physical battle yet our teams made up of snow white and the seven dwarfs!! i know we cant keep changing managers but with these two clowns at the helm i can...
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    How Good Are We?

    i didn't go last night but have to say the two league home matches i've seen so far imo we've been very lucky to get a draw and a win,although having said that we've had two good results away. although it pains me to say it from what i've seen i think we are cack! i just hope that most of the...
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    have we played well overall this season??

    i am a season ticket holder and have only been to home games apart from swindon and charlton this season and from what i've seen we really haven't played that well too often.i thought that in january after beating swansea that we were finally gonna hit some form but after a couple of good home...
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    should we put an end to comps?

    does it cheese you off the number of complimentary tickets the club give out when you here stories of people selling them outside the ground! to me this is an insult to all genuine fans who pay to support the club and even more so the ones who have done the sponsored walks etc. so should we stop...
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    players performance to the pound

    seems that ma's best signings are young players or players from lower leagues who i guess are on pretty low wages and if they perform well may well be worth something. Presumably Lloyd,Brooker and Newman are our highest paid players and quite frankly i don't think their performances justify them...
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    inflatable bees

    how about the club shop selling inflatable bees for the charlton game ala liverpool 1989. should be a good way for the club to make some money.
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    so what happens when pratley's fit?

    i think jay tabb has been outstanding in the centre in the last two games so what do we do when pratley comes back from injury? could pratley and tabb play in the middle together? or should pratley play on the right or left? all i know is tabb should stay where he is. a nice problem for ma to...
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    our midfield

    i've been saying for a while that we need to be more dominant in the midfield. when we play tabb and brooker we dont have enough bite defensively and don't gain enough from them both going forward. i struggle to remember the last time brooker got to the byline and got a good cross in.tabb has...
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    should we have upped the prices for the sunderland game?

    simple question should we have upped the admission prices for the sunderland game? i personally think we should as the club needs every penny it can get and i think our kids prices are too low ( i know the argument about future supporters etc but should be at least as fiver)
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    should we try playing 4 3 3??

    i didnt go to stockport but it sounds like when we went 433 and put dj on the right we played much better. should we try starting like this at southend?maybe this is the answer cos i still think we've yet to find our form this season. when dj went on the right in a home game recently i thought...
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