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    Membership of Beesotted

    Hi all, can anyone give me advice on how I can join Beesotted. I have been on the website but cannot find any link to membership. Looking forward to a bit of guidance from any wise Bees
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    Tour of New Stadium

    Does anyone know if the club are intending to offer a tour of the new stadium to season ticket holders. Prior to the start of the following season.
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    Will Friday's game at GP be our last

    Just a thought to ponder! If we win the playoff's , and we win promotion to the Premiership will we play at Griffin Park next season?. If that's the case and we last more than one season in the Premiership and with the new stadium soon to be built, will the game next week be our last at Griffin...
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    How good will our new stadium be

    I have just returned from a day at the Amex in Brighton on business. I have to say it's very nice with great facilities. It got me thinking if ours will be as good. I know that we will be a bit smaller in capacity, but if it the new stadium is anywhere as good, we are going to be in for a real...
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