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  1. brooks

    Oblique references to Brentford

    A very tasteful reference to our team in an article in the Guardian today. Too facile? Too prolific? Too tasteful? Whatever the objections to Camille Saint-Saëns’s music, the French composer is shamefully neglected and overlooked. This year marks the centenary of his death, and is a good moment...
  2. brooks

    Sony world photography awards

    Penultimate picture - Thomas Nielsen: The Big Score
  3. brooks

    Clapton kit
  4. brooks

    New York Times - Brentford Article

    Apologies if this has already been posted. From a couple of weeks ago.
  5. brooks

    Pathe film of Brentford 1936

    If anyone hasn't seen this......
  6. brooks

    Free course on football

    For anyone interested - Football: More Than A Game 'Explore the world of football, its role in the world today, finances, clubs, nations, rivalries and much more.' A free 6 week course run by Futurelearn (Open University). Only about 2 hours a week online so it'll be limited but could be...
  7. brooks


    Taken over by Maxim Denim, Russian investor, with Eddie Mitchell selling up. Could be good for the club if all goes well but possibly a site for a hotel if it doesn't.
  8. brooks

    Another Rosler article and there's a bit about Jake Reeves' brother Jack.
  9. brooks

    David McCracken

    Nice to see he played and won away to Celtic.
  10. brooks

    Rosler on 5 Live Sport tonight

    from the website .... Football League Preview 5 live Sport Gus Poyet, Sam Allardyce, Paolo Di Canio, Sven Goran Eriksson, Steve McClaren, Kevin Phillips, Dave Jones, Steve Claridge and Uwe Rosler. You can hear from ALL these men tonight, in our Football League preview show from 19:30, along...
  11. brooks

    Gavin Mahon

    Gone to QPRRRRRR on loan - another Bees reserve side in the making.
  12. brooks


    Is this still done at Brentford? There's an article in the Independent about DeMerit, the Watford defender, who was at Southall three years ago. He fixed up a trial with Shrewsbury before Watford got him. Is Southall a bus ride too far for our chaps?
  13. brooks

    Andy Frampton to Millwall (confirmed)

    On Football Rumours site yesterday. 'Luton will look to sign a defender as well with Andy Frampton of Brentford top of Mike Newells list.'
  14. brooks

    Sam in Independent today
  15. brooks

    stan bowles

    For any supporters over 70 stan bowles is subject at 7.30 on itv in 'After they were famous' which he was when we got him.
  16. brooks


    Good luck to Weymouth on Monday. Hopefully a black eye for Forest in front of a sell-out crowd.
  17. brooks

    Further amusement at QPR's expense rofl
  18. brooks

    Mr Noades article - Independent i know its not about Brentford but it is relevant.
  19. brooks

    Allen and the board

    Theres an article in todays (gulp) Mail ( sorry no link available) drawing attention to the possible rift between Allen and the board, concluding that he will be gone if something isn't done soon. Also another article in the Independent-...
  20. brooks

    Arsenal Stadium Mystery - again

    for those who haven't seen a Bees team of relative near greatness - Channel 4 Monday afternoon.
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