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  1. DidntYouUsedToBee

    How's the accessibility at Kew Bridge station these days?

    There was a lot of noise about sorting out disabled access at Kew Bridge station once the ground was built. Has anything been done?
  2. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Brentford FC Google Calendar?

    All the Brentford FC game notifications have gone from my Google Calendar. I subscribed to this ages ago. Anyone else got these have they just generally disappeared or have they just gone off my Calendar?
  3. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Can we get Peter Gilham to turn off the Griffin Park lights

    I had a go at that questionaire about the last season at Griffin Park and my answer to who should turn off the lights would have been Peter Gilham ..but he's not on the options. I put his name down and it told me to pick a valid option. Now me I reckon he is the most valid option. He has after...
  4. DidntYouUsedToBee

    I am so disappointed with my club :(

    Hi all, I have been trying to sort my season ticket for the disabled area for over a week now. I was assured by the ticket office that that they would get me a place in Braemar road either in the disabled area or in the third row. For over a week I have been waiting for promised calls. Every...
  5. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Well I can't find out what direction the fans want us to go in, it's not allowed

    So we can just keep throwing opinions around with no overall picture of the state of affairs amongst the fans - it was deleted Obviously the powers that be on here are over sensitive to the possibility of criticism of MB. I have the greatest of respect for him and sincerely believe that if I...
  6. DidntYouUsedToBee

    IS this some strange timewarp? hope it's right! 1 Brentford 30 15 10 5 44 23 +21 55 2 Wycombe Wanderers 28 14 11 3 36 19 +17 53 3 Bradford City 30 14 9 7 50 32 +18 51 4 Bury 31 14 9 8 45 33 +12 51 5 Rochdale 28 13 9 6 51 35 +16 48 6 Darlington 27 13 8 6 44 25 +19 47 7...
  7. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Decorator plasterer required

    to fix damage from damp coming through the wall. South ealing area.
  8. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Jay Tabb to the Pooperscoopers?

    Talking to a qpha mate the other day he said that one of the commentators on the friday night qpha game on sky said they were after Tabby. I didn't watch it anyone else hear this?
  9. DidntYouUsedToBee

    knowhere guide to Brentford nothing!

    Been looking at the Knowhere guide - thought I'd see what they said about Brentford. Well pretty much nothing! So come on everyone at least get in there and big-up the footy team!
  10. DidntYouUsedToBee

    The problem for Wally is.........

    If he leaves now he can kiss goodbye to any more management jobs. He is trying to convince himself that he can turn things around who knows maybe he can. For Wally his future in football is on the line. For Brentford ...our existance?
  11. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Get Forsini in as director of football!

    It came to me in a flash! a cheap way to get rid of Wally! Employ Forsini as part time director of football! Reckon Wally would be gone in a flash!lol
  12. DidntYouUsedToBee

    How long are people prepared to give Wally to turn it around?

    How long are people prepared to give Wally to turn it around? I mean you've got to do something in the end but when? (not saying he won't turn it around - but I somehow believed it was more possible when we had that bad run under STevie Coppell and Perryman.)
  13. DidntYouUsedToBee

    yesterdays result sounded very ominous

    So apparently we played well and somehow nobody understands it but we didn't win. Well this is the story i hear over and over from relegation teams. It's kinda worse than if we just got a good thrashing or if we just didn't win 'cos they were better. Remember west ham last year? Fact is we don't...
  14. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Is getting rid of Forzoni on of Wally's worst managerial decisions?

    We aint done much since he went, and if we carry on like this we'll be anchored at the bottom of this division. Looks like his influence was seriously underestimated!
  15. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Beadles about!

    I have thought long and hard about what happened at Tranmere yesterday and have come to the conclusion that it was a big hoax! Think about it. That fat bloke trying to run about up front for nine minutes wasn't in fact Peter Beadle but Jeremy Beadle! Who is in fact on a longer comeback trail...
  16. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Player you thought wouldn't make it then looked like they might then didn't

    Even though you thought they might in the end:confused: :) :( :D
  17. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Massive erections at Ealing Road end!

    I see the residents association are complaining about "Massive erections at Ealing Road end"! I wonder who could be responsible for such activities?;)
  18. DidntYouUsedToBee

    Best (fairly recent ) manager

    okay so who out of these do you rate the most. I know Webb screwed us but he also gave us some good years so he's in.
  19. DidntYouUsedToBee

    All time NICEST Brentford player

    following on from all time fave (and I guess something like this has been done before - but what the hell it's between seasons what else we gonna do?) Hermman H. I saw him recently in Ipswich and he took the time to have a chat and spoke very fondly of his days with the Bees, finished by...
  20. DidntYouUsedToBee

    When did we stop being a 'sleeping giant'?

    After putting a reply on the Royal Oak thread I began to wonder. I was brought up to see Brentford as a sleeping giant. Everyone who knew the club spoke that way and even many outsiders. I think i even heard it as late as the Martin Lange era...but now I hear constant talk in the media and...
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