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    Team for Derby

    Bjelland in for Dean, and sounds like we need to make some changes in midfield following Saturday. McLeod out and Kaikai in?
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    Next Permanent Head Coach

    I don't envy the task the DoF have in finding a new head coach. Seems like we're looking for someone who can: 1) Motivate the team 2) Has very good man management skills 3) Organise large number of coaching staff 4) Understand requirements of British football and enable foreign players to...
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    Football fans to be breathalysed before matches Another move towards sterilising football. Please remember to sit and clap politely, and don't forget to buy a frozen yoghurt, programme and the special edition February away shirt to...
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    How will the rest of the season pan out?

    Can we really keep up a promotion push, or is it just going to tail off? The players are all professionals and will be desperate to get to the PL, but I still have a feeling it's going to go downhill from here.
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    Team for the Canaries

    --------------- Gray ------------------ Dallas ----- Pritchard --------- Jota -------- Toums ---- Dougie -------- Bidwell -- Tarks -- Dean -- Moses --------------- Button ---------------- Subs: Bonham, Craig, Yennaris, Saunders, Toral, MacLeod/Smith, Long
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    Team versus Charlton Athletic

    I wonder if we'll go a little more defensive in midfield and play two holding. Team for the opening fixture (pure speculation) could be something like: ------------------ Trotta* ------------------ Judge --------- Forshaw ------- McAleny* ---------- Douglas ----- Tebar ------------ Bidwell -...
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    Bees v Rotherham Predictions

    Can't confess to knowing a huge amount about the Rotherham team, but based on the run they're on, I think this is going to be tough. If we win, it could be as important as the Orient game as it should rule them and Preston out of the autos, and is one of the remaining tough fixtures out the way...
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    Team versus Carlisle

    ---------------- Grigg -------------------- Judge ------- Forshaw ----- Donaldson ----- McCormack --- Douglas ---------- Bidwell --- Craig --- Dean --- Yennaris ---------------- Button ------------------- Subs: Lee, Tarkowski, O'Connor, Reeves, Saville, Dallas A bit more solid in midfield...
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    Bradford v. Bees - Predictions

    Not feeling hugely confident in the team at the moment, hardly been a barnstorming start, and now we've got the Trotta sideshow to contend with. I know nowt about Bradford, except they've had a half decent start. Going for a defeat. Sorry, hope to be proved wrong. 1-0 34 mins, scored by unknown...
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    Team for Sheffield United

    --------- Grigg ------ Donaldson --------- --------------------------------------------- Fillo -- McCormack -- Forshaw -- Saville ---------------------------------------------- Bidwell --- Craig ------ Dean ---- Logan- ---------------------------------------------- ------------------ Button...
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    Chelsea Game Plan

    So, how's Rosler going to play this one? Park the bus and try and keep it respectable? Try and play our normal game and go toe-to-toe, accepting we may get a whipping? Play cautiously and try and hit on the break, like an away performance? Pass the ball straight out of play and get a ball-boy...
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    Team for Southend (FA Cup)

    -------------- Hayes --------------- Dallas ------ Reeves --- Saunders ------- Douglas ----- Dave ------- Bidwell -- Craig -- Dean -- Logan ------------ Moore ----------------- Subs: Lee, Pierre, Barron, Forshaw, Forrester, Trotta, Donaldson Hope Logan signs up.
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    The Bees Knees

    In order, who are our (not loaned) top five players based on current ability and potential? I'd say: 1) Toumani Diagouraga 2) Sam Saunders 3) Richard Lee 4) Karleigh Osborne 5) Myles Weston Just missed out, Leon Legge and Marcus Bean.
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    Andy Scott

    Just read the Hounslow Chronicle article about Sam Saunders. I feel sorry for him, Richard Lee, Alan Bennett, Michael Spillane, Glenn Poole, David McCracken, Mark Phillips, Nicky Forster, etc... Andy's done well at Brentford results wise, but I definately wouldn't want to work for him. You'd...
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    Staines Town 1 Brentford 0

    Anyone got any info on the starting line-up?
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    Live match thread

    Having followed Wimbledon and now the Ashes on the bbc website, I was wondering if it is possible to have a sort of live text thread on the gpg, whereby all new comments appear at the top, and it auto-refreshes when someone posts a new comment?? Not sure whether it's easy to do, or too much work...
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