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  1. Garybaldbee

    Hilarious / amusing officiating in Bees matches

    Am I imagining Mark McCammon scoring a perfectly good goal against us for Doncaster at GP only for it to be disallowed because it went out through a hole in the netting? It might have been their 4-0 hammering of us in Leroy's time, though I think they also knocked us out of the FA Cup at home a...
  2. Garybaldbee

    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    What about Tommy Lawton? Measured in term of fame and achievement his stature at the time he signed for us would surely have been at least equal to Eriksen?
  3. Garybaldbee

    92 league grounds finally after 62 years following bees

    Um, how about this for stupidity? I forgot to count the BCS.....
  4. Garybaldbee

    92 league grounds finally after 62 years following bees

    I've been to 93 Football League grounds but am still well short of the current 92 because that total includes many clubs that I've seen at more than one ground (three different Rotherham grounds) and some no longer in the league. I've seen Brentford play at 89 of those venues. Overall, including...
  5. Garybaldbee

    Champagne Moment Champagne Moment v Wolves (h) 22-1-22

    Referee disappears back down the tunnel at the start of the second half. West Stand responds with 'Can we have a Referee? '
  6. Garybaldbee

    Out on Loan Joel Valencia

    Weather wise perhaps, but Crewe are undoubtedly the bigger club - pre Covid Alcorcan averaged crowds of 2,800 in a 5,000 capacity ground.
  7. Garybaldbee

    The Hillingdon Borough thread

    The 'cut' was self selecting. I think any club could put itself forward for election if it wanted to do so.
  8. Garybaldbee

    African Cup of Nations

    I had to watch the video to work out what 'balled out' meant. I assumed it was critical. I must be getting old. :(
  9. Garybaldbee

    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    Here, on this thread, from impeccable sources. After you've been on the GPG a while you learn how to decipher it and to distinguish real hard information from very well connected posters from the uninformed gossip and speculation which the rest of us contribute, even if that information is...
  10. Garybaldbee

    Pete Hayward (West Wilts Bee) RIP

    Very sad news. I only knew Pete through his contributions here on the GPG but his passion for Brentford shone through - its only through people like him that we still have a club to support today. My thoughts are with him and his family and friends.
  11. Garybaldbee

    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    It would be a trademark New Brentford signing; taking a risk on a player who is undervalued in the market but could deliver enormous potential upside if he is provided with the right environment in which he can flourish. The only differences here are the profile of the player and the reason why...
  12. Garybaldbee

    Things Others Say About Brentford FC

    I haven't watched it but I bet he starts by saying' Wassup? ' and waving his hands around. It seems to be obligatory on YouTube.
  13. Garybaldbee

    Final Score Brentford 2 (Wissa, Roerslev) Aston Villa 1 Att: 16,876

    At the halfway point in the season we have won more PL games than Fulham managed in the whole of 2020/21 and are only 5 points short of their total points tally.
  14. Garybaldbee

    Score Centre 2021/2022

    If Ederson is having to resort to time wasting tommorow I'll be absolutely delighted.....
  15. Garybaldbee

    Kristoffer Ajer

    I'm worried by the fact that we haven't had a 'he's getting closer' type comment from TF or any positive training ground photos released. I've a nasty feeling he might be a little while yet.
  16. Garybaldbee

    Chelsea fans are a ***** disgrace.

    To be fair, I'm enjoying this thread much more than I thought I would from the title of it.
  17. Garybaldbee

    Mathias Jensen

    I'm not sure Baptiste is fit enough to do 90 minutes yet.
  18. Garybaldbee

    Chelsea (H) ** CONFIRMED AS ON **

    That was a semi final
  19. Garybaldbee

    Covid Football "Break"?

    The Welsh Government has announced all sporting fixtures in Wales are to be behind closed doors from Boxing Day.
  20. Garybaldbee

    Southend Home 14th Feb 1983

    The 2,824 you found is our lowest home league attendance since the war. I hesitate to say ever because I have a feeling that a match against Walsall in the 1920's might have had barely more than 2,000. 2,024 springs to mind but I'm too comfortably settled to go and dig out my 100 Years book!
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