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  1. big neil

    We never fail to fail

    Complete no show as ever.
  2. big neil

    Freebie Bees Facemasks

    Got mine in the post today. It’s massive, doesn’t fit round the face & it’s basically a load of rubbish. If they’re sending the same type as mine to everyone it’s a waste of time & money.
  3. big neil

    Bees v Wimbledon Christmas Eve 1983

    I clearly remember this game which we lost 4-3 because it was almost as cold as the time I saw us at Oldham away in the FA Cup 3rd Round. I'm sure it's the only time I've seen us play on Xmas Eve, what was all that about?? :confused:
  4. big neil

    I wondered what kit they would be wearing...

    Let's hope it's unlucky for them, they've been impressive on the road all season but it's the first time they've had to use this kit. :sorted:
  5. big neil

    That Silver Kit

    So we're wearing it TWICE then, at Bournemouth & at home to Oldham. Why not wear it v Creepy Crawley in the JPT instead just to get it out of the way? :nono:
  6. big neil

    Subbuteo wanted

    Anyone got any old Subbuteo kicking about about you want rid of as I've decided to revert to being a 10 year old? :D The "classic" heavyweight style teams are what I'm after (see below)
  7. big neil

    One off Kit

    Not the nicest kit we've ever worn to be honest, but a nice idea.,,10421~2596134,00.html?
  8. big neil

    Champagne moment v Scunthorpe

    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record... ... the Globe barmaids.
  9. big neil

    Why are so many blogs about football rubbish?

    This one for instance:
  10. big neil

    What are you wearing at Wembley?

    I had a snuffle through my old Bees shirts in the loft & hey presto 1 slightly soiled "candy-striped deckchair" shirt appeared! Man City, Blackburn, Blisset etc etc that's the one I'll be sporting on Sunday. :sorted: Also dug out my first ever Bees shirt (Osca sports with no sponsor, just before...
  11. big neil

    Does Andy Scott write for the (Sub)Standard?

    What a load of one sided drivel. The crap we've had to watch this season would shame a Pub team!
  12. big neil

    Best last minute place to park for midweek games?

    I've not been to a midweek game for ages due to working nights. Now I'm free from the graveyard shift where's the best place to park for late arrivals as I won't be leaving Gerrards Cross til 6. If you don't want to blow your secret to everyone feel free to PM me! :wave:
  13. big neil

    Wanted; Emiliana Torrini Tickets

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of tickets to her gig at ULU Friday 13th March? Seems to be sold out. :eek:
  14. big neil

    Job in Printing

    I'm possibly going to be made redundant in the next week or so. If anyone knows of any vacancies in the pre-press side of the Printing industry could they PM me please? :(
  15. big neil

    Forecourt Steward Incident post Lincoln Game

    The blokes chucking the barriers around in the forecourt after the game. My young lads were most impressed. lol
  16. big neil

    MK Dons V Bees match reports and reaction

    Well done!!!! Reports Please.
  17. big neil

    I'm a Liability, get me out of here!

    Vote yes or no. I'm a yes man myself. :yes:
  18. big neil

    Ticket promotion: Is this fair?

    On the official site,,10421~1132500,00.html So if these people get in for a fiver, do regular Bees fans too or are we being mugged off again?? :confused:
  19. big neil

    Blood soaked bandages

    I reckon the clubshop should start selling replica blood soaked Terry Butcher head bandages with a Bees badge on the front. :idea:
  20. big neil

    Bees vs Nottingham Forest Report

    We were rubbish. Nottingham Forest had the promotion jitters we had nothing but pride to play for & apparently we don't even want to play for pride. 2-0 up while Nottingham Forest stuttered but as soon as Nottingham Forest got their ar*e into gear we reverted to scaredycat passionless rubbish...
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