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  1. benfleetbee

    SPOTY 2021

    Here are the contenders Diver Tom Daley, boxer Tyson Fury, swimmer Adam Peaty, tennis player Emma Raducanu, footballer Raheem Sterling and Paralympic cyclist Dame Sarah Storey. Very surprised IMO that Rachael Blackmore was not in the final six. She was the first female jockey to partner a...
  2. benfleetbee

    Dan Barden

    Norwich City goalkeeper Dan Barden has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. All the best. Only 20 years of age.
  3. benfleetbee

    Travel South West Railway Planned Engineering Works

    Planned engineering works for October, November and December.
  4. benfleetbee

    NEWS Tickets Invitations for Derby (H)

    Anyone received e-mail for next Wednesday yet?
  5. benfleetbee

    Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford Prediction Thread

    Well it looks like the top eight have now been split in two. The top four going for automatic promotion and the bottom four fighting it out for the remaining two places. Last four games are all big starting on Tuesday Need a win but 2-2 Gray 2
  6. benfleetbee

    Banned from every game Well she wont be coming to Griffin Park :eek:
  7. benfleetbee

    Bees V Chelsea Reports and Reactions

    Here Please Bloody Fantastic!
  8. benfleetbee

    2012/13 Fixtures

    2012/13 Fixtures out at 9am on June 18. Comes round so quick. Due to some event in London Im quite sure our first game will be away so who do you want. Portsmouth is my wish.
  9. benfleetbee

    Champagne moment vs Leyton Orient

    Nothing on the field :yawn: But the young lady on the balcony seemed to enjoy being sung to :D
  10. benfleetbee

    Brentford V Bournemouth Prediction

    2 - 0 Gary Alex 2 Start of a good week
  11. benfleetbee

    Home or Away shirts?

    Thought I would bring this up since its been mentiond in other threads. Is our away form better due to the Black/Yellow shirts or has it got nothing to do with it? I find it much easier to pick out players from the stands when away then I do at home. Does the thin red/white stripes blend in to...
  12. benfleetbee

    Carlisle United The Warm Up Game

    How much relevance should be put on the result of the league game on Friday. If we win and win well does that give us the upper hand at Wembley or vice versa if Carlisle win. Or does it not matter at all because the final is a cup game and anything can happen on the day. I personally want us...
  13. benfleetbee

    Bees V Bournemouth Predictions

    I think our winning away streak will come to an end 1 - 1 Charlie Mac
  14. benfleetbee

    Winter Break

    If the authorities somewhere, decide that we need a winter break, when should it be and for how long. It would have to be planned before the fixtures are published, and then what happens if we have snow/frost/waterlogged pitches outside of this period. We could go ages without a game. But then...
  15. benfleetbee

    Dagenham & Redbridge 1st Jan (Predictions)

    Quite sure we won't need a weather watch thread for this one. Will we? Big crowd for this one, as so many starved of football over the last couple of weeks.
  16. benfleetbee

    Friendly v Tonbridge Angles

    Who is going to our first away friendly on the 17th? Dont think we have been there before ( could be wrong )
  17. benfleetbee

    The ref is from Essex?

    I maybe wrong here but I didnt think the referee of a league game could come from the same county as one of the teams. Mr F Graham is from Essex. Colchester are an Essex team. Has a referee from Middlesex ever officiated a league game at Griffin Park.
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