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  1. Bolivian Rovers

    Outgoing Speculation Charlie Goode

    As long as it's not those t___s from W12, Warburton was on the telly yesterday talking about a centre half coming in. I sincerely hope not.
  2. Bolivian Rovers

    NZ Bees

    Superb, I work for a company called Number 8 (Zinzan Brooke CEO), and for six years having been trying to convert them to support Brentford and get away from egg chasing. I can at least now say that there are Bees fans in NZ. The fight goes on. We have an office in Nelson South Island), and...
  3. Bolivian Rovers

    Clive Lewry RIP

    Very sad news, a small consolation from a football prospective is that Clive and the others who’ve recently passed have seen the Bees in the Premier League. RIP Clive
  4. Bolivian Rovers

    Leigh Brill RIP

    That's really sad news, I first got to know him travelling away late 70s, and early 80s. I then ended up playing with him for Ealing Road Casuals, I'm sure he was a founder member (along with Spider Bee), a big character to put it mildly. He never changed though, always crude but in jest when I...
  5. Bolivian Rovers

    Formula 1 2021

    Absolute joke, is F1 a sport? Wow how can anyone take that seriously other than sponsors …. F1 totally discredited much like women’s football and the recent results, 20 -0. There is a lot of so called sports made to look very amateurish lately yet F1is over flowing with cash.
  6. Bolivian Rovers

    Adrian Beckles RIP

    I'm gutted, absolutely distraught. I used to go to aways when I was 16ish with him and known him a long time. A real decent lad, sat in front of us at Burnley, and had a good chat. RIP Adrian.
  7. Bolivian Rovers

    Mathias Jensen

    Not good enough, really limp performance. He had plenty of the ball but seems at a loss what to do with it. He's not a luxury player as they deliver, he doesn't. As Always Up The Bees
  8. Bolivian Rovers

    MotM Man Of The Match v Leicester City (H)

    Christian superb, and after seeing Terry Hurlick play, struggle with calling Onyeka Tank.
  9. Bolivian Rovers

    Pontus Jansson

    His voice and organisation is vital added to what other players pick up from him. He handled Antonio alright, and seeing how Antonio has bullied defences, don't under estimate Pontus' performance. He's vital to all we do and is what we were missing originally. He was a game changing signing, and...
  10. Bolivian Rovers

    If you could add 1 bees player ....

    Roger Joseph
  11. Bolivian Rovers

    Bernie Watson RIP

    That's unbelievable, I remember the news filtered through the crowd at Notts County away, and it was and still is a shock. He was a hugh character, and a really good bloke. He always afforded my boy time whenever he saw him.RIP Bernie, never forgotten.
  12. Bolivian Rovers

    Are the Club Taking Fans for Granted?

    Absolutley not, the club has grown and there are growing pains however Rome wasn't build in a day. Some of the moaning for example re TAPs is incredible, and of course in previous years whilst at GP, it did see more personal, and it was easy to obtain tickets, but this is the price of growth...
  13. Bolivian Rovers

    Tickets Oldham (H) LC3

    Doug, I had the same problem, I printed the other tickets, exited the system waited 15 minutes, went back in and there it was. It's not perfect but I'm sure it will be there. Mick L
  14. Bolivian Rovers

    Great Football Club Names

    Charlton Heston, always a favourite Sunday league name.
  15. Bolivian Rovers

    Saman Ghoddos

    He should have put a marker down tonight to give Thomas s selection dilemma, instead he gave reasons not to pick him, he wasn't great, average yes but we played FGR and he didn't shine. He is bang average with the occasional glimpse of class but nothing more than that, and is disappointing.
  16. Bolivian Rovers

    Forest Green Rovers Tickets

    I don't understand why I can't hi-light the block S107 that I want to sit in, am I missing something. I do realise that my own seat is reserved but I'd like to sit as near as I can to it.
  17. Bolivian Rovers

    Your First Season Ticket

    Mine too, thanks for the memory reminder, and they were great days.
  18. Bolivian Rovers

    EFL Cup Forest Green (H) Tue Aug 24th

    Nailsworth, superb place
  19. Bolivian Rovers

    Villa away - 28 August - travel

    Where are the Villa match tickets? Palace seems a bit of a mess, but no mention of Villa tickets, and only 2 weeks away, a patern we have to get used to maybe? As Always Up The Bees
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