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  1. Beesfan

    2016 Holiday vs Play Off final???

    Surely the odds on us reaching the play off final this season are long, long enough for me to safely book a week in Menorca!! We have found the perfect Hoiday however the return date is the 28th May which also happens to be the scheduled date for the championship play off final. What do I do...
  2. Beesfan

    Signed Brentford Football (Name that Signature...)

    Afternoon All, I have come into possession of a signed Brentford football, the ball itself has 'Third Division Champions 1991-92' on it however I think it has been signed by the squad of the 92-93 season (Joe Allon's signature is on it). The problem I have is that other than a couple I cannot...
  3. Beesfan

    Team for Yeovil.

    Right if everyone is fit and ready to go, what would your line up be for the Yeovil game, Mine would be, Lee Logan Osbourne Eger Woodman McGinn Douglas Dave Weston McDonald Donaldson Subs: Moore Legge Wood Spillane Alexander Saunders KOC
  4. Beesfan

    Franck Queudrue..

    On loan at Colchester :eek: How have they managed to get him? and why has he gone there??? I am sure he was Birminghams player of the season last year. They now have a better quality of defender to hoof it 50 yards now.
  5. Beesfan

    Brentford Videos on eBay!!

    Item number: 250128308669 Anyone know what these video's are like? Worth a bid?
  6. Beesfan

    Which ex-bee will shine in the premiership?

    Mahon Sonko Ivar Hunt Sidwell Tabb???? I reckon Sidwell will do the business in the premiership, i've heard he may well be on his way to charlton. Wherever he goes i think he will hold his own. If Tabby does have to leave i would love him to see him in the premiershp weather he's ready for...
  7. Beesfan

    Ashley Cole/Jermaine Pennant....are they finished?

    Any thoughts.............
  8. Beesfan

    What happened to Denny Mundee and Craig Ravenscroft?

    What happened to these two, they both had some great moments for the Bees but seemed to leave the club pretty abruptly........ Did Mundee rejoin Bournemouth.............
  9. Beesfan

    How good would Rankin be if he was fit?

    Is it just me or are any other Bees fans amazed by how unfit Isiah seems to be, I think he would be a wonderful player if he was a tad fitter and leaner...........i am surprised MA lets him get away with the extra pounds he carries...... Recent performances have showed how dangerous he can be...
  10. Beesfan

    Brentford select XI 1984-2006

    Benstead R.Joseph Sodje Hriedarsson Grainger Smillie Jones Rowlands Sinton Forster Holdsworth Subs Dearden Millen Blissett Tabb Cockram
  11. Beesfan

    Can anyone tell whose contracts are up in the summer?

    Can anyone tell me who's contracts are up at the end of this season. I understand that both Sodje and Tabb are out of contract at the end of the season...............if this is true i cannot see, unless we get promotion, how on earth we will manage to keep them at Griffin Park. I was over the...
  12. Beesfan

    Is Sodje our greatest ever cenre-half...if not who is?

    I've just returned from todays fantastic game and have to say Sodje was immense..........his heading is astounding, his touch and composure are nothing i've ever seen on a centre-half before.................his run during todays game was like that of a winger. We've had some great...
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