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  1. mk1965

    Towcester Racecourse to enter into Administration
  2. mk1965

    Aston Villa

    Have had to cancel their goal of the month competition...................they didn't score in October 😯
  3. mk1965

    Absent Steward!!

    Our faithful paddock steward Pauline seen Tuesday against Norwich in civvies and not stewarding. AFIK she hasn't quit but hasnt been used this season which is a shame as "Auntie Pauline" is one of the few with any common sense and if anyone was out of line she always had a quiet word and a...
  4. mk1965

    Car share Rotherham & Sheffield Utd

    Doing both games and travelling from Leicester, will have space if anyone wants to car share.
  5. mk1965

    Rail Disruption

    There are some delays on London Midland so worth checking.
  6. mk1965

    John Button

    Passed away following a suspected heart attack. Always came across as a true gent. RIP
  7. mk1965

    Car share to Sheff Utd

    Going on Tuesday from Leicester, anyone interested in a car share, jct 22 M1 5.15pm ish?
  8. mk1965

    Kettering Bees GP playlist

    Having listened to the pre match music its been suggested that we are listening to KB's playlist. Feel free to add to what else could be on his playlist. Barry Manilow - Copacabana.
  9. mk1965

    Michael Spillane

    Rumours on the Norwich message board (The pink un) suggest that Spillane is off to Brentford but not sure if permanent or loan. Plays RB or CB.
  10. mk1965

    Brentford - Woking area

    Not strictly away travel, but not returning to Milton Keynes after the Exeter game Hour and 15 minutes by train from Brentford to West Byfleet, so anyone have space for 2 to stockbroker belt Surrey this Saturday as spending the weekend with the outlaws prior to going to Muff on Easter Monday...
  11. mk1965

    Chesterfield - Tuesday night

    Out of Saturdays crowd, close on 9000 Bees fans attended. How many of those will attend on Tuesday? :wave::wave: from Milton Keynes
  12. mk1965

    Spaces in car from Milton Keynes - Lincoln

    Provided the game is on I have 2 / 3 spaces available if anyone wants to share petrol. PM me if interested. Intend leaving MK at about 11.30am.
  13. mk1965

    Barrow v Bees Setanta Coverage

    Can't get the time off, so have subscribed to Setanta. They gave me a promo code 2650, which as a satellite customer gives me half price for 2 months. :sorted: Must remember to give them 1 months written notice.
  14. mk1965

    Found - BFC sweatshirt

    On the way out of the Blackburn game yesterday a Boro supporter handed me a BFC sweatshirt. If you left it behind PM me so we can sort out its return as I have it here.
  15. mk1965

    GPG Player Sponsorship 07 - 08

    Okay all, Which Brentford career will we put to an end next season by sponsoring their kit? 2005 - 2006: M Dobson 2006 - 2007: A Rhodes (bit part player, injuries/loans) 2007 - 2008: ?????????
  16. mk1965

    2007 Pre-Season Friendlies

    Just seen on Ticketmaster that Peterborough have friendlies arranged against Manchester United and Celtic. When are we going to get some high profile friendlies?? There are plenty of London teams that would be high profile, why not try them instead of local non league and trips to the West...
  17. mk1965

    Richard Hope
  18. mk1965

    New Shirts for 2006-07

    Does anyone know when the new shirts will be available and are they being redesigned.
  19. mk1965

    Next Season

    1) A new striker that can put the ball in the back of the net, 2) A creative midfielder, 3) Scrap the long ball game in favour of a passing game, 4) More shots from outside the area, 5) Stopping making silly schoolboy errors, 6) Teach all players (not Nelson, he already knows) where row Z is. 7)...
  20. mk1965

    Today's support

    Thought Swans fans were especially loud and vocal got right behind their team, sitting quite close to them it was difficult to tell if the Brentford faithfull were just as loud, or was it a case of here we go again.
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