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  1. grim

    Wiki PL Games Moved for TV and Other Reasons (non Bees)

    For anyone not with sky sports but with Sky / VM the game is being shown on Sky One
  2. grim

    Arsenal (H) Fri 13 Aug (SOLD OUT)

    I know a couple of Liverpool STHs they told me they have to supply a list of friends / family that can use their tickets, at least this means they can't sell them last minute to just anyone
  3. grim

    What colour is your ST seat?

    Rugby green 😞
  4. grim

    Stadium Announcer. Is it still Peter Gilham?

    Can't imagine Brentford without PG, but it would seem Stu is the apprentice
  5. grim

    What do you like best about the new stadium?

    Going to GP was always a great experience but not so good for taking the family. Taking my 2 young daughters was much easier and better, everything from the toilets to the screen and the view with the posts, they enjoyed the day more which in turn means I did.
  6. grim

    Stadium Announcer. Is it still Peter Gilham?

    It was definitely PG doing the subs, announcing the Valencia subs , he got the first 4 and them simply announced 'and there's another one too" 🤣🤣🤣
  7. grim

    Food and drink options at BCS

    Was in family stand, no water left before start of game, only drinks they could offer was cans of Gin and tonic, not much good when you have 2 young kids!
  8. grim

    Wiki Ticketing System Issues

    I did the club option, Liam Neeson was busy, they sorted it
  9. grim

    Wiki Ticketing System Issues

    I had a missing family member even though they on my list, quick email to the ticket office last week and they sorted it, the website is a mess, why I can't just open the order and print all the tickets at once is beyond me
  10. grim

    Wiki Ticketing System Issues

    I can get tickets for games for me and one of my daughter's but not the other, both are STHs , tried calling can't get through, if I can't get tickets for all of us guess I won't bother, shame to disappoint the kids, very annoying
  11. grim

    Club Shop Delivery Charges

    Items ordered direct from umbro are free delivery, found this out because they had the size we needed and bees shop didn't
  12. grim

    Preston (H) - Now Sunday 4th Oct 14:00

    Got an email last night about watching the game on ifollow , shame it had the game was today at 3pm, bit of a waste of time if you can't get the details correct! 😒
  13. grim

    Arsenal Tickets - (SOLD OUT)

    Would not be so bad if it was ST mates with memberships but the fact it could be someone who has never been to GP it crazy
  14. grim

    Arsenal Tickets - (SOLD OUT)

    So much for being a member, what a waste , pointless when ST holders mates get first dibs
  15. grim

    Doncaster tickets? - Requests for assistance here.

    I have a spare Seniors ticket in E block
  16. grim

    Aldershot away on oct 18th

    When you order tickets by phone should you tell them your a season ticket holder? Or do they just automatically put you the sale on your database record?
  17. grim

    Woking Friendly & Swimming Idea

    Its The Sovereigns by the bridge. Add The Station to the list but remove the Rat and Parrot it's erm 'not great'
  18. grim

    North Surrey Bees?

    i am an egham bee too so is my brother and and mate!
  19. grim

    When will we know??

    sheff wed website says thursday and monday
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