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  1. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Booking running total

    Forgive me in advance please. Been trawling this site, looking for a thread on running total of bookings for our players. Do we have one ?
  2. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego


    Heard last night, that we have a B team game lined up against Coventry
  3. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Panini PL Brentford cards

    Not seeing a thread on this, so who is collecting them .. any swapsies :-) Is there 22 Brentford cards in total ? Someone said maybe 24 and a book ? Asking for a friend.
  4. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Brentford home programmes 21/22 season

    Home programmes being published by aca creative. West Ham on sale. Subscription £99 + P&P
  5. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Damp squib.

    It doesn't sound positive about having full capacity crowds back at football grounds, for a long time further. No away fans and probably similar capacities as we had for Bournemouth at home and for the foreseeable future. With 11000+ season ticket holders, do club give them 1st dibs for games...
  6. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Brentford picture

    Searching through some stuff, I came across this photo. Seriously can't recall when it was. What the occasion was and who is in the picture ! Did we win ?!?
  7. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Charlton Athletic under new ownership

    Thomas Sandgaard, new owner now. Leased ground and training ground for 15 years.
  8. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Football in years to come

    How do we envisage our game looking in years to come ? 'The 92 club', could well be another lower number in there Lower league divisions, split into regions, north and south, to save on expenditure The way our game is now, is not financially viable. No crowds permitted in, little income getting...
  9. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Matt Busby

    Guest appeared for us during the War years. What game was it please ?
  10. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Martin Allen Chat - Verdicts

    That was absolutely brilliant. What a man he is. Great stories, great passion. Loved hearing him. Well done everyone. For 2.5 hours, I completely forgot about everything going on in the world right now. Martin Allen you are a legend Sir.
  11. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Beesotted Fanzines - Missing Numbers Needed.

    By any chance, does anyone have the following Beesotted fanzines they would be willing to sell ? I was over the pond when they got produced Issues 93, 94, 96, 97, 100, 101, 102, 103 & 106 onwards.
  12. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    The Pie chart.

    Should've started this thread at the beginning of the season. Gonna rate pies consumed at away games. Luton, Tuesday, highlight of evening. 9 out of 10 for the vegetable pie. Really good. Very fresh, nice pastry and had mushrooms in it £4 a bit expensive, but excellent.
  13. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    What does it mean to you and supporting Brentford Football Club?

    Not entirely sure this has been done on here before and intrigued by what everyone has to share on this subject. What does it mean to you and supporting this club. We could have been born into it and it having been passed down, through a father or other members of the family It could now be a...
  14. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego


    New Directors at Charlton, from Abu Dhabi. Takeover complete. Injection of cash for them and the end of their rogue owner.
  15. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Reports and Reaction

    Dislike losing any game, but that one today, is grating with me large. How we never won that, I’ll never know. Sheffield Wednesday were worse than hopeless in the 1st half and their stadium, sounded like a library. We should’ve been out of sight at half time, with the game done and dusted, but...
  16. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Wigan away

    Wigan away for the 8th time later today. September 1982, Lost 2-3 (3 penalties & 1 sent off). June 1985, Lost 1-3 (at old Wembley). August 1985, Lost 0-4. December 1997, Lost 0-4. October 2014, Drew 0-0. January 2017, Lost 1-2. March 2019, Drew 0-0. Only beaten them once away and since they...
  17. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Swansea away

    Tickets available to season ticket holders now.
  18. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Brentford B team competition Sounds good.
  19. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Hibs away 2nd October

    Toying with the notion of going to this and skipping the Bristol City at home game. Anyone know if supporters can attend ? Will it be held at their 1st team home and ground ?
  20. Infatuated Bees Alter Ego

    Sunderland suing former head of medical for a cool £13M
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