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  1. Bizzy Bee

    The Away Lounges

    Yes, and that is under review!
  2. Bizzy Bee

    The Away Lounges

    I'm a PSH in the Railway lounge. No obvious Man Ure supporters in the lounge/Block S204 Wednesday night, but we have had "loud" away supporters taking hospitality packages for games in the past (Liverpool & Ch€lski have been the the worst). With the Railway lounge being used for people buying...
  3. Bizzy Bee

    Final Score Brighton 2 - 0 Bees

    Their demeanor. Some looked like they couldn't be arsed, and that was reflected in their performances!
  4. Bizzy Bee

    Final Score Brighton 2 - 0 Bees

    The second worst away 1st half performance this season after Burnley. Yet again, we start of brightly but then lose our way. I turned to mate when the players were warming up pre-match and said they looked disinterested, and so it proved. They barely acknowleged the fans and clearly wanted to...
  5. Bizzy Bee

    The Ashes 2021/22

    I bet BT are wondering why they paid a large wedge of £££ to get the TV rights for this!
  6. Bizzy Bee

    Travel Liverpool (A) New Date; Sunday 16th Jan 2pm ko

    Yet again supporters are shafted. Luckily I've been able to ammend my hotel booking for no additional cost but I feel sorry for those Bee's fans who are again out of pocket as a result of this match being rescheduled.
  7. Bizzy Bee

    Gone Elsewhere Vanderson (Grêmio RB now Monaco)

    Nope. It'll be the other way around. :judge:
  8. Bizzy Bee

    SPOTY 2021

    Didn't even know it was on last night, so didn't watch it or know who had been nominated.
  9. Bizzy Bee

    Man Utd POSTPONED!

    I feel sorry for the bees fans who have travel/accomodation booked that may not be able to obtain refunds following the cancellation. Other clubs have announced how any players they have out due to covid. What's so different about Man Utd? Because it's a "big club v small club". You can bet...
  10. Bizzy Bee

    Leeds (A) Champagne Moment

    Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed her and her antics!
  11. Bizzy Bee

    MotM Man of the match v Everton (h) 28-11-21

    Has to be e's are good, e's are good, He's Charlie Goode. :cool:
  12. Bizzy Bee

    New Stadium Wifi - It's sh*t.

    Same in the south stand. Can't get a signal in the lounge or at my seat. Wifi worked for the first time in the lounge, but as more people logged on it got worse & worse then disappeared all together.
  13. Bizzy Bee

    James Maddison

    I bet he's teacher's pet at leicester!
  14. Bizzy Bee

    Chelsea (H) Champagne Moment

    The atmosphere yet again. Thought GP couldn't be bettered but BCS is superb During the second half, Tuchel barking out instructions to Azpilicueta 20m away who put his hands to his ears and shrugged his shoulders and threw his arms out in gesture because he couldn't hear them. They had to send...
  15. Bizzy Bee

    Away Fans In Hospitality Area

    Same in & above above block S204 (The Railway Lounge/Directors) Area. :mad: Some people clapped the Chelski team out for both halfs, and were wooping & hollering when Lakaku scored when offside in the first half. A few of us turned round and glared at them and they were silent when Chilwell did...
  16. Bizzy Bee

    West Ham (A) Champagne Moment

    Raya's saves keeping us in the game. :sorted: Zanka v Moyes. :D YoYo in the last minute and the scenes that followed. :cool: The inbreeds in the home section. Great entertainment. :thumbs: Having a couple of beers post match in Old Street. (y)
  17. Bizzy Bee

    Brentford vs The World Famous Liverpool Champagne Moments

    All of the above!!!! :bounce: Flat cask ale moment, half/half scarf sellers and touts standing outside Kew Bridge Station selling tickets for both the home & away end, HOW? :nono:
  18. Bizzy Bee

    MotM Man of the match v Liverpool (H) 25 Sept 2021

    Ajer gets my vote. Outstanding at the back. Raya's save just put £5m on any transfer fee. Janelt in the mix also.
  19. Bizzy Bee

    Half and Half Scarf

    Anyone buying or wearing any half/half scarf should be hung from the nearest lampost using said half/half scarf! :judge:
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