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    Goalkeepers we have known and loved (or not)

    Fred Rycroft 😟 he tried

    Tom Anthony - Brentford FC - RIP

    R.I.P. Tom a very good solid loyal player

    Middlesex CCC 2021

    Now 335 not far to beat the Middx record opening stand of 372 by Justin Langer and Mike Gatting Its the best live stream watch this season (of Cricket)

    Middlesex CCC 2021

    235 for 0 :eek: Contracts up for renewal ?:sneakoff:

    If you could add 1 bees player ....

    Although only with us after his career in the old division one with Chelsea got to be Mr John Brooks

    Team v AFC Wimbledon

    I clicked on watch on you tube above and good clear picture

    Club Update on 2021/22 Season Tickets and Memberships

    Does anyone know if you are able to change your season ticket for another, either upgrade or to a cheaper position please

    We will win Saturday

    Thanks for the good wishes, yes I watched but the penalty Through my fingers (Remember Trotta) And still now some 28 hours later I am still in a daze and find it difficult to comprehend. But my target is our 1st home Premiership match and don't care who

    We will win Saturday

    What did I say ? WE WILL WIN and we did
  10. TOMOGP

    We will win Saturday

    Regrettably due to my ill health despite having sufficient TAP 's i was unable to go last Saturday or this :cry: But have come to the conclusion that its because I have been to very final and Play off I have been there so can all blame me. So I won't be there WE WILL WIN PMA
  11. TOMOGP

    Peter Gelson - Brentford FC - RIP

    What a sad loss to not just his personal family but the whole club family, he is just a few months older than me and therefore I watched him nearly his whole football career and if ever a player was a 100% it was Peter, always gave his all I know we are not at GP any longer but if the world...
  12. TOMOGP

    R I P - Jack Shill

    Jacks funeral is 11 am tomorrow and fittingly will finish with the Ealing Rd choir version of Hey Jude
  13. TOMOGP

    Message to all you Brentford fans from a Reading supporter

    There can only be one despised club and that the Sh*t in the Bush no contest
  14. TOMOGP


    I didn't see you Jock I was also there being very lucky that season and seeing the semi Final and Final and as Spurs were at home when we were away , used to get the 3 classified papers at Liverpool street on way home
  15. TOMOGP

    R I P - Jack Shill

    Another long time Bees fan passes on, whom I have been friends with over 25 years. His son has written the following Alfred ‘Jack’ Shill (1930 – 2021): It is with regret that I have to inform you of the death of my father, Alfred ‘Jack’ ‘Shill on Wednesday 13th January, following a short...
  16. TOMOGP

    Swansea 1 - 1 Bees (Fosu)

    From the BBC web site The truth is that at times, the hosts have been forced to foul keep Brentford at bay.
  17. TOMOGP

    General General Transfer Discussion

    Yes right there are some 2000 players out there but 1)You say loan suggest a left back who would come to sit on the bench who is the standard we require ( and would his club be happy with that situation) 2 Suggest a winger who would fit straight into our system that we could afford 3) The...
  18. TOMOGP

    Condition of the Pitch

    Thanks that's good
  19. TOMOGP

    Condition of the Pitch

    When are the Women's championship games being played, if its next summer they won't be able to relay the pitch properly will they ?
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