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  1. JBN

    Champagne moment Newport County v Northern Monkeys

    Apart from Newport knocking out Living in the Past Premiership Wannabes and keeping a clean sheet, It has to be goalkeeper, Joe Day, legging it of the pitch when the final whistle went to be with his missus who couldn't be at the match as she was giving birth to his twin baby daughters...
  2. JBN

    Emiliano Sala RIP

    Cardiff Citys new signing looks like he may have been on a plane that has disappeared of Alderney. Hope its not the case.
  3. JBN

    2021 Womens Euros at BFC Community Stadium

    Suprised we haven't had a thread about this. Great opportunity for BFC to get some publicity with the new stadium. If we're in the Premiership by then, the media will have no problem finding the stadium. If we're not, we'll have to send them directions/map.
  4. JBN

    Champagne Moment v Ra Ras

    Several for me:- 1) Having permission from Master Sommelier, WarrenBee to start this thread.:sorted: 2) Beating the Ra Ras.:sorted: 3) Hearing that Nick Hester was in attendance to see it.:sorted: 4) Flo Jos goal:sorted:
  5. JBN

    BBC Final Score

    Not really sure why I put myself through he pain of watching that pile of *****, however, today they reached a new low. A West London derby, involving a team in mathematical danger of relegation, having lost 5 games on the trot under a high profile manager and with 3 goals in 4 minutes in the...
  6. JBN

    2016 Paralympics

    More hooked on this than the Olympics. Some brilliant performances and great commentators.
  7. JBN

    David Ginola

    Apparently unconscious after suffering a heart attack. :eek: Hope he gets through it, used to hear him Talksport and was always good entertainment.
  8. JBN

    Sport on the BBC

    Dropping Formula 1 coverage, they have a bit of horsey stuff, a bit of gymnastics and second hand football and a bit of rugby, apart from that, theres close to bugger all. Less celeb based programs and more sport or give me a refund on my licence.
  9. JBN

    Gordon Banks

    One of my sporting heros has been diagnosed with kidney for the second time. :( A travesty that he has never had a knighthood.
  10. JBN

    Frank McParland

    As he s now an ex Bee and won't be scouting for HMPFC:- Burnley are expected to name former Liverpool chief scout Frank McParland as their new director of football.
  11. JBN

    Champagne moment v Boro

    Tarky flattening the prima donna Bamford. Brilliant stuff.
  12. JBN

    Team v Blackpool 24/2/15

    I might be inclined to give Long a start ahead of Gray. Apart from that, keep as is.
  13. JBN

    Formula 1 2015

    Not good news for our resident F1 Oracle, Mr Salford Bee, a couple of days after celebrating his 21st (again), news comes in that his most favourite driver ever is being retained by McLaren.;) Drivers agreed so far for next season:- Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg Red Bull - Daniel...
  14. JBN

    Policing at GP for the Fulham Game

    Well, a huge presence, but who ever was in charge of deployment at the end, needs a bit of a kicking. If you parked in the Girls School it seems you were a bit buggered. Came out Breamer Rd, couldn't turn into Brook Rd as it was corndened off. Explaind to the copper what was going on and was...
  15. JBN

    John Salako

    A quality ex bee, who doesn't appear to have a thread yet! Saw him this evening in the Derby Arms on Epsom Downs.
  16. JBN

    Columbian Womens Cycling Team

    Can't believe no red blooded GPGer have picked up on this yet. ;)
  17. JBN

    Keeper Scores

    Hiibs Keeper Mark Oxley is currently joint top scorer for Hibs this season (after 1 game ;) )
  18. JBN

    Bernie Ecclestone

    Can't help but laugh at the irony. Bernie on trial for bribery and is trying to strike a deal to end the trial. He is one person I wouldn't trust further than I could throw Barry Fry.
  19. JBN

    Pool Table

    6' x 3' Free standing BCE pool table with balls. Free to whoever wants it.
  20. JBN

    Elena Baltacha

    Retired last year and now diagnosed with Liver Cancer. Shes only 30.:eek:
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