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  1. BFChero

    Ticket Exchange Chelsea EFL Cup Wants/Spares

    After 2 adult tickets if available. Thanks
  2. BFChero

    Ticket Exchange Spurs (A) Spares/Wants

    Still after one adult ticket if possible. Much appreciated
  3. BFChero

    Ticket Exchange Spurs (A) Spares/Wants

    Need 1 adult ticket if spare going pls
  4. BFChero

    Ticket Exchange Newcastle (A) Spares/Wants

    1 ticket spare going. Collection from Ashford
  5. BFChero

    Tickets West Ham (A)

    Also on the lookout for 1 or 2. Missed my hour window to buy a ticket.
  6. BFChero

    NEWS Villa (A) On Sale at Box Office Only

    Does anyone want to swap an upper ticket for a lower ticket or visa versa. 2 of us going and in different tiers. Is it possible to get from higher to lower?
  7. BFChero

    Palace(A) (SOLD OUT) ***Anything but Ticket Omnishambles in this Thread***'

    Looking for a spare for my friend, a fellow season ticket holder who just missed out. Please PM me if any available. You reds
  8. BFChero

    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    If we sold him and bought him back for the same price is that technically a free transfer? Maybe the 'free transfer' part is to throw us off. One can dream anyway...
  9. BFChero

    Preston 0 - 5 Bees (Mbeumo, Forss, Toney, Canos, Marcondes)

    Different gear, quality performance all round. Not the time for told you so's just be happy we are back playing as we know we can. You bees.
  10. BFChero

    Thomas Frank

    We are Brentford. Mourinho, Klopp and Ferguson aren't exactly queuing up
  11. BFChero

    Thomas Frank

    My knowledge of Brentford Football Club is watching us play away at the likes of macclesfield and morecambe not that long ago. Calling for the head of the most successful manager in our history shows your limited knowledge, and memory, of football and this football club.
  12. BFChero

    Thomas Frank

    Eddie Howe wouldn't touch us with a barge pole, Chris Wilder just left Sheffield United because he wanted a say over transfers, and I dont even know who the other 2 are.
  13. BFChero

    Bryan Mbeumo

    Seems like Frank is trying to play him into good form like he did with Canos. I think he will turn out to be class but needs to be taken out of starting XI again as his decision making has been poor for long time now.
  14. BFChero

    Only Positive Comments Allowed

    We won't have VAR next season
  15. BFChero

    Derby 2 - 2 Bees (Toney(p), Canos)

    We just played a team in the bottom 5
  16. BFChero

    Derby 2 - 2 Bees (Toney(p), Canos)

    Terrible 2nd half. The worst part is we had all our leaders out there... with the squad available that is pretty much our best team available. Poor.
  17. BFChero

    Blackburn 0 - 1 Bees (Toney (p))

    Great result, couldn't care less about the refs performance or decisions. Better side won tonight, clean sheet, 2nd in the league. Nothing else matters
  18. BFChero

    Bees v Rotherham - Match Postponed. Now 27 April

    Could be a blessing in disguise. Chance to Become the hunter and not the hunted. All went t*ts up when we went 1st.
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