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    Vale v Brentford Champagne moment

    Only one for me Ivan grabbing ball and giving it to Bryan for penalty. Shows how good team spirit is within squad. Also reality check of what we were used to week in week out 15 years ago.
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    Watching Barnsley game in pubs at Brentford

    Who's thinking off doing this?
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    Watching other championship games.

    I am the only one who has started watching games that don't involve the bees. It started Friday watching and cheering on Brum V brizzle Then Saturday watching Wigan and Preston then followed by rooting for a Barnsley result, Then today here I am Watching Millwall hoping they can get something...
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    Steve Tidy

    Fame at last Steve :thumbsup: Love the quote "I love the atmosphere, the singing, the buzz in the stands - it's better than Brentford at home, but not as good as Brentford away.:bound:
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    JOTA Player of month for February voting closes today Wednesday 8th March Vote now!
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    Burton away ticket wanted thread

    With only 1754 tickets available and on sale to season ticket holder for TWO weeks. Members with a lot of TAP points have got no chance of getting a ticket. So use this thread if you need a ticket or have tickets available. Can the mods delete once requests have been filled.
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    Adam Johnson

    Guilty. Sentencing in two weeks. Looking between 4 and 10 years.
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    Lowest ever away support at a league game (26)

    There were only 26 (Twenty six) Dagenham fans who made the 520 mile round trip to Morecambe last night is this a English football league record? (This was slightly less than 34 who made the same trip a month earlier in F.A.C replay) I do remember back when we were in League 2 Morecambe took 32...
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    Germany v Holland Postponed due to BOMB ALERT Concrete evidence of bomb attack at Stadium Hannover on lock down Music venue evacuated. Bad scenes again.
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    SUPER MIGHTY BEES v Q.P.R Match reports

    Here please. :wave:
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    Bolton Away Mon 30th Nov (Now on SKY!) I think Chappers needs maths lessons :confused: Now on sky :nono: Going to put a lot of people off. Ok for me only an hour away:sorted:
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    New Co-Directors of Football Announced Mr.Benham doesn't hang about. Next new manager??? We should no by Monday...
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    Last six league games.

    Over 121,000 :eek: have watched the Bees last six league games. That's a average of 20k a game. Cannot recall last time this happen? Could be the norm next season.
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    Champagne moment from "Let's BEE Havin You!" Norwich City !

    BUTTON'S SAVE (Better than Gordon Banks save from Pele):sorted:
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    Bees v Brighton FAC updates

    Wheres jockbee????? Hello from wet and murky Morecambe:wave: COYB
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    Champagne, Caviar & Chocolates Moment v Fulham

    :bound::xmas::banana::owusu: Jota goal Harlee get out of jail free goal Toums shot. Ross McCormackMOM saying that we are by far the greatest team after game:D:owusu:
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    Champagne moment from Wigan

    Fantastic following 1200 1st half display excellent. The anorexic Wigan fan in blue t-shirt:nono: Rosler chants :warbs: Home in 57 minutes:sorted:
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    Champagne moment from Blackpool

    :bound: For me the Dallas goal. Massive support for a midweek game up north. F@@K off Rosler song.:sorted: Million pound + bees player getting replaced by another Million pound + bees player(New Brentfordinnit)
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    Champagne moment from Crewe

    :bound: Lots to mention Has to be 3 WORLD CLASS GOALS from 25+ yards (Worth staying up for to see tonight) Forshaw goal only slightly better than 2 from Judge. Sun shining all game (needed sunglasses):cool: Dog on
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