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  1. JasonBee

    Too Many Away Fans in Home GA Areas (split thread)

    Dozens of away fans coming in through the home turnstiles and being led through to the away end via the partition blew me away. Wtf?
  2. JasonBee

    Too Many Away Fans in Home GA Areas (split thread)

    Stop selling tickets to people with sod all loyalty points, ie away fans . Stuff the club policy which is a nonsense and renege on the deal given . Anyone complains give them there membership money back . Simple.
  3. JasonBee

    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Manchester United 3 Att 17,094

    Congratulations on the club selling x amount of memberships to make a bit of extra cash. Nearly everyone around me in the east stand got up and cheered then filmed the celebration of the 2nd manure goal. It was like being in the Fulham neutral stand . f*** off varney.
  4. JasonBee

    Álvaro Fernández

    I’m not bothered about giving the 3rd goal away today as game was gone but letting your own player put the ball out for a corner when he just needed a call and trying to punch the ball off your own defenders headed clearance when not under pressure from opposition is real basic stuff. He must be...
  5. JasonBee

    Yoane Wissa

    I don’t recall him touching the ball once in the 20 minutes he was on today. Early season he looked like he had lots of energy but that seems to have gone. Should turn out to be a good player for us but right now he looks way off the pace .
  6. JasonBee

    Bryan Mbeumo

    He looked so relaxed when taking his chances. No snatching or trying to hit the perfect top corner. Class performance.
  7. JasonBee

    Team vs Port Vale

    I thought we struggled against FGR until Onyeka, Canos & Mbeumo came on 2nd half. Vale are similar ilk.
  8. JasonBee

    "The Warm Up" YouTube show

    Missing my Friday night viewing . Not been on for a couple of weeks now. Has Stuart Wakeford given it up?
  9. JasonBee

    Food and drink options at BCS

    Bovril in the west stand was very good. Didn’t initially realise they were selling it , as wasn’t listed on the digital menu board.
  10. JasonBee

    Saman Ghoddos

    you might have a couple of decades of reading still to do . Shrug: came here with high expectations and so far failed to deliver . There is a similarity. Biggershrug:
  11. JasonBee

    Saman Ghoddos

    I’m bracketing him with McEchran until he shows me otherwise. A few decent balls here and there a great goal against Burnley and a bit of bossing against Aston Villa. Other than that he just fails to deliver and frustrates the hell out of me . I SOOO want him to be the next Benrahma but he’s...
  12. JasonBee

    MotM Man of the match v Newcastle United (a) 20-11-21

    Roeslerv done well. No one else in our team could contain St.maxim, possibly Ayer if he played. Credit to the young lad who has a great footballing brain albeit better when going forward. Given a tough task for a young lad but he didn’t shy away.
  13. JasonBee

    Final Score Bees (Henry) 1-2 Norwich (Att: 16,837)

    We put out a strong team on Saturday. Not much variation from the one that played well against Chelsea & Leicester. Norwich doubled up on Canos & Henry when they tried to come forward and it left us a bit toothless. It only takes a few minor tweaks and we'll be smashing Newcastle in a few weeks.
  14. JasonBee

    Food and drink options at BCS

    Tried a hot dog & coffee for first time yesterday. Hot dog roll was rock solid and in 2 parts made it difficult to eat. coffee was so hot difficult to drink . Boiled water ruins the taste of coffee. my wife said her tea was very good,
  15. JasonBee

    Álvaro Fernández

    i quite liked him trying to put the player off and making pukki think about it. Pretty much all goalkeepers have to dive slightly early or just end up doing a Peter Shilton and watching the ball fly into bottom corner.
  16. JasonBee

    Profile Posts

    Look closer to home Johndub 🧐
  17. JasonBee

    Tickets Leicester (H)

    Lot of empty seats around me in the east stand today, not been like that before.
  18. JasonBee

    Final Score Brentford 0 Chelsea 1 ( Att 16,940 )

    Tonight was possible bonus points. Sometimes you just have to accept your not quite good enough. We were very slow starters . Not denying we were unlucky but just didn’t quite do enough. gave Chelsea too much respect 1st half and left it until last 20 til we gave it full pelt. Still enjoying...
  19. JasonBee

    Tickets Stoke City (A) LC

    It's cup though, so maybe higher than Burnley. Oldham & FGR were 30 pojnts each for a home game.
  20. JasonBee

    Boat to West Ham - Volunteers needed to reduce load on boat

    Pilot dead centre with a few extra buoys and you’ll be fine…
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