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    an open thread to our manager (and possibly our owner too)

    Maybe not, but that's up to the individual. That will be the only home game I miss this year. I didn't go because I knew it was clear how low the importance of the game really was.
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    an open thread to our manager (and possibly our owner too)

    He said on his interview after Ipswich that he would be making many changes, it's no surprise, we haven't been interested in the competition for years. Do you really think that 7 championship sides would have lost to League 1/2 sides if league points were up for grabs? It's common knowledge that...
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    an open thread to our manager (and possibly our owner too)

    Seriously chill. We wanted out of the league cup. I think Marinus made it a little bit too obvious, thats all. The pitch is the biggest problem we have right now. Get that right, and the team will gel and results will come. I don't think we'll finish as high as fifth again but we'll not be in...
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    an open thread to our manager (and possibly our owner too)

    Well we haven't won either of our first 2 games so your parallel ends there. I don't think MB would allow this season to pan out like that one do you?
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    Jota - (Confirmed Left for Birmingham)

    You can't blame him. I mean anyone doing that out on the pitch should be banged up. All those kids there as well. Totally disgraceful behaviour.
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    Harlee Dean - Signs to June 2016

    Yes, and maybe when he's fit Bjelland will be captain. But he couldn't be captain yesterday, could he?
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    Harlee Dean - Signs to June 2016

    A great idea. Make a bloke that isn't fit enough to start the game the captain.
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    Brentford Transfer Speculation Summer 2015

    You're not very likely to actually see the phone call being made to be honest.
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    Carlisle v Brentford ...FT.0-0

    To be fair IBAE, your original comment has no indication of humour , and reading it, it does look like a quite ridiculous comment.
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    Carlisle United v Brentford FA Cup 2nd Round Updates (FT. 2-3 - og, FEA)

    Not too fussed about today...We need a new manager in for when the important stuff starts again next Saturday though.
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    ********* Lionel Road: A Call to Arms **********

    Might be a stupid question, I will e-mail them today, but what am I saying? Just that the planning should be granted etc etc, or do I need to be more in depth than that?
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    Football League Show

    Met Clem in the bar at The Holiday Inn at Wembley Stadium the night before the play off final. He's a lovely bloke and bought be a JaegarBomb if my drunken memory serves me correctly....
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    Rosler and management team

    Interesting that in his post match interview he talks about making changes for next week. He makes changes every week, thats half the problem. I think he knows he hasn't got long to turn this around....
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    Joao Carlos Teixeira : On Loan until January 5th 2014

    This has got 'Another of Uwe's strange signings written all over it. In the same category as Venta and Nugent....
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    Richard Lee - Retiring at End of Season

    Button may be Uwe's number 1, but am I the only one who thinks Lee is a better keeper than Button?
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    Rosler and management team

    4 goals scored in 5 home league games. 1 scored in the last 4. Thats 1 goal in 360 minutes (plus stoppage time) against Walsall, Carlisle, Orient and Rotherham. We have 2 of last seasons top 4 league 1 goalscorers, we still have Trotta and now have a fit Farid. Rosler has taken us a far as he...
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    Brentford v Rotherham Updates

    I feel this is an accurate assessment....
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    Port Vale v Brentford Prediction Thread

    I'm sure we lost that game 3-1...I met Mrs Allen and had a chat with her at Leicester Forest services on the way up.....
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    **** Ticketzone Fraud - CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ****

    Card now cancelled and monies being refunded....called Ticketzone - they were uninterested to say the least.....
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    **** Ticketzone Fraud - CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT ****

    Santander have just called me to ask if i was responsible for 13 £10 Orange/o2 payments in the last 24 hours.....I said I am putting 2 and 2 together and establishing this is till going on, nearly 3 months after the PO final tickets were purchased on ticketzone!
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