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    Jota - (Confirmed Left for Birmingham)

    Alright you've made your point! (I think..)
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    BFC Academy Closing

    I may be wrong here, but I am reading it as the players would be contracted to us on pro terms. So I think if Man City were to come in for player A, under the new set up we'd have as much right to tell them to do one as we would if they came in for a first teamer. Not sure where this would leave...
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    Josh Clarke - Signs to June 2016

    Would like to see JC given a new contract. Would be a fairly low risk signing and a cheap squad member. Definitely worthy of a squad place next season IMO.
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    Penalty Taker

    Was ok, but I think everyone in the ground knew where he was going to put it. Would give him another go though.
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    Josh McEachran - Leaves Brentford

    Each to their own mate I guess that's why it isn't us picking the team
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    Josh McEachran - Leaves Brentford

    Josh was one of our best players in the first half. Looked very lively and was winning balls and playing passes. Faded second half just like everyone else did. Think he will be an important player for us once we get settled
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    Kevin O'Connor - Development Squad Head Coach

    Smiths going nowhere so it's pointless even talking about his replacement
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    Match Report Bees V Charlton

    For me, the applause at minute 24 met with a sudden ray of sunshine and a goal
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    Alan Judge - Signs until June 2017

    Could be onto something there I think Mac would make a good manager one day. I wouldn't like to be in the dressing room at half time when we are 1-0 down!
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    Konstantin Kerschbaumer - Signs to June 2019

    And I'm sure we didn't pay 750k for Dallas..
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    Proposed FA Cup changes under discussion.

    Not enough people care about the FA Cup anymore which is why it's losing its magic. These changes will only make that worse
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    Dean Smith - Head Coach - Extends contract to June 2019

    Can't see that being the case at all
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    Philipp Hofmann - Joined SpVgg Greuther Fürth in June 2018

    Pace doesn't seem to do Vibe much good at the moment though. Service has been crap though
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    Philipp Hofmann - Joined SpVgg Greuther Fürth in June 2018

    Deserves a start in my opinion. At least he will battle and you always see the opposition center backs busy when he's on the pitch
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    Lewis Macleod - Leaves Brentford

    I reckon left wing. I think DS said he likes to cut in from the left side
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    we are 12 points down, from this time last season after 29 games..

    As interesting as it is to compare with last season, I believe we should only look forward, not back. This season has been a bit of a bizarre one, with the injuries, the managerial situation and players in and out etc. The way I see it, as nice as it would have been to have the excitement and...
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    January Transfer Window 2016

    Tarks in Burnley for a medical according to talksport. We want Egan as a replacement
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    Jake Bidwell - cheerio..

    Probably the first **** up I've seen from Jake. Certainly can't think of many others anyway. Just one of those things. We move on
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    Steve Evans

    He is so fat
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