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    Final Score Brentford 1 (Toney) Manchester United 3 Att 17,094

    This is the clown who came up with "Sack him now " about Thomas Frank towards the end of last season.
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    Unlikely Aaron Hickey (Bologna RB / LB)

    I've seen him play for Blackpool this season...decent Championship player but not any improvement on what we already have.
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    Final Score Bees 1 (Toney p) Everton 0 Att 16,957

    Got up at 5.30 yesterday morning,got back at 10.00 p.m. but who cares.We are holding our own in "The World's Best League"(apparently). Some of the comments on here are ludicrous...But The Usual Suspects cannot stop themselves,always ready to get in with sarky comments and disparage players...
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    General Cricket Thread

    About 5 years ago,Lancashire U.12s played Cheshire U.12s. One Lancs boy scored an outstanding century.This is a fairly rare occurence as an innings is 40 overs.Michael Vaughan was there in his capacity as a proud father...his son plays for Cheshire.At the end of the match M.V. made a point of...
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    General Cricket Thread

    There have been at least a dozen Yorkshire players born outside the County before Sachin...the whole thing is a bit of a myth.The most famous of these was Lord Hawke(born in Lincolnshire) who brought in the policy in the first place.It fits in with a certain Yorkshire "otherness" that some...
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    Burnley (a) - Champagne moment

    Getting the last available meat and potato pie in the Cricket quality as always..I recommend Burnley C.C. and Rawtenstall the best in the Lancashire Leagues for catering,with very good quality cricket thrown in.
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    Travel Burnley (A) Train Travel

    Limited parking...and you will be a long time getting out. But excellent pie and chips in the C.C. Pavilion.
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    Bryan Mbeumo

    Best pub in the area is The Taps,on Henry Street in Lytham...proper old-fashioned boozer,great choice of beers,posers not allowed.Bus from Blackpool to Lytham Square(11 or 68 or other),cross road from bus stop,over the mosaic,Henry St is on your right.
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    Bryan Mbeumo

    Nowt wrong with Blackpool...all the best people live on the Lancashire Riviera.
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    Club / Bar for Burnley Away

    Burnley Cricket Club is an excellent venue;right by the away end and their pies and chips are very highly rated by Lancashire League regulars who know their grub.Always been welcoming to all fans.The locals in the Club are friendly.You used to be able to park there as well,not sure if this is...
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    Which signing announcement were you most excited about?

    George Thomson signed for Everton from Hearts on the same day they signed the legendary Alex Young,also from Hearts.The two were great friends but Young's outlook was much more professional. Everton at the time had a few players who might be politely described as "characters"...Roy Vernon,John...
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    Which signing announcement were you most excited about?

    Alan Jones was signed from Liverpool..he actually played in Shankly's first match as manager. It was George Thomson who signed from Everton in 1963...He had just won a First Division Championship winners medal but fell out with Harry Catterick over his extra-curricular activities which...
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    Jimmy Gabriel - Brentford FC - RIP

    He is an Everton quality,play anywhere,never gave anything less than 100%.His manager was Harry Catterick who demanded the highest standards and Gabriel was one of his most reliable players.His short time at Griffin Park helped stabilise BFC at a very difficult time in its history.A...
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    General Transfer Rumours (Summer 2021)

    He is not rated highly by any Evertonian that I know.They need to reduce their wage bill and are keen to move him on.
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    Thomas Frank

    Wouldn't it be nice if that dedicated minority on here who spend their time and waste their energy calling for sackings/signings/telling us that certain players are useless or not as good as they are/we'll never go up/we are too slow or predictable or lack passion and go into hysterical OTT rant...
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    POSF1: Bournemouth 1 - 0 Bees

    There was a very good article in The Times the other day about the impact that parachute payments in The Championship are having.The gist was that most EFL clubs are effectively skint and that the distortion caused by these payments(£70 million spread over 3 years per club) will make the Prem...
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    Bournemouth 0 - 1 Bees (Mbeumo, Pontus sent-off)

    A glorious day on the Lancashire Riviera,sun beating down on deckchairs etc. Great performance and result by The Bees.Well done to Thomas Frank ...Lancs score 525 and bowl Kent out...all we need now is for The Usual Suspects to give us the benefit of their applied wisdom...or hopefully just keep...
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    New Everton FC Stadium

    Linekar only had one season at Everton,85-86.although he scored a lot of goals, Everton had to change the way they played to suit his style. Kendall sold him after one season to Barcelona and the next season Everton won the First Division again. After Griffin Park, Goodison is my favourite...
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