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    Griffin Park is a DIVE - Fulham

    Griffin Park is a DIVE and the Bees are still irrelevant and characteristically tinpot. Article posted 15th December 2019
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    Supercomputers Prediction 2019/20

    Supercomputers prediction for this season, published in Stoke City News, 28th November 2019. It made me laugh at where stoke will finish, but was extremely happy about Brentford's prediction. I hope this will put a smile on my fellow supporters, especially after losing to ***** football team...
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    Sky Sports TV Match Selection

    Question: am I right in saying that Brentford FC has not been selected for no Sky Sports TV showing up until April 10th or have I missed something ? This don't seem right considering for example Norwich City has FIVE showings up until the same date starting 8th March. I just think the lads...
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