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    Mads Bech Sørensen

    In relation to this, our xG from throw ins is pretty much equal to the rest of the PL combined...
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    All but Signed Christian Eriksen

    I agree... but reckon Vitaly and Norgaard are two of our best players. Could Vitaly play left wing back in a 3-4-3? (Or more like 3-4-1-2 if we sign Eriksen... feels mad even to be typing that).
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    Thomas Frank

    Yep, that's what I heard too. The Norwich coach was hanging around longer than expected with the players already on it and then an official rocked up and removed a few bags from it before it drove off. Sounds like they not only sacked him but left him stranded in London. Classy way to treat a...
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 1 Brighton

    Weird response on a football message board. If we can't discuss tactics or team selection after a defeat what do you suggest we talk about? On the plus side, @Banana won't need to ask for funding to keep the GPG going so every cloud...
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    Final Score Bees 0 - 1 Brighton

    There are some excellent points in here. I may well be shot down for this but while Rico is probably our best player in any formation using a back four I think he becomes the weak link in a 5-3-2. His attacking play just isn't dangerous enough - I never expect him to score or assist and the...
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    Saka in the first game

    I teach at Greenford High, Bukayo's old school. I never had the pleasure of teaching him but you honestly cannot find anyone who has a bad word to say about him - he's just a lovely young man with a great family around him. His GCSE results were as good as reported in the media too - very...
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    England vs Germany

    This is a perfect summary. Ever since Matthew Benham / Phil and Rasmus have come into the club I've paid much more attention to the small details that make football so random. On another day, Phillips is sent off for that tackle where his studs went over the top of the ball... or Muller scores...
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    Eng/Ger vs our promotion

    Brentford over England definitely. But I've always said that there are two things I want to experience at some point in my life: 1) Brentford winning a playoff final at Wembley 2) England winning a major tournament It was amazing to cross one of those off this year, think getting both in 2021...
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    Henrik Dalsgaard (FC Midtjylland)

    Such a great professional and leader on the pitch. Also an absolute gentleman off the pitch. When the players were coming out of the Brook Road entrance during the final lockdown games at Griffin Park my kids offered Henrik a crisp and he very politely said he loved crisps but he wasn't allowed...
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    Vitaly Janelt

    Not a bad week for Vitaly! 👏🏆🏆
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    Lasse Vibe

    The finish at home to Huddersfield is the one I remember - absolutely smashed in a volley. Seems like a top bloke and good luck to him. Didn't we have to give him a few days off to defend his thesis and graduate from Business school at one point? Definitely not your typical footballer!
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    Thomas Frank

    No way would anyone have said we had a better squad than Fulham at the start of last season - we had no recognised centre-forward and plenty of new unknown players to bed in. Thomas Frank turned us into a top-three squad with great coaching but there's no doubt Fulham should have finished top...
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    Saman Ghoddos

    Yes, I've wondered about this. The other option currently with the full backs injured and no JDS would be 3-5-2. It would be ridiculous, crazily attacking and almost certainly backfire but maybe fun finding out for a game or two before the opposition pick it off... Raya Jansson - Reid -...
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    Bees 0 - 0 Birmingham

    Exactly this - we're completely done. This season has destroyed us, just don't have the squad depth or energy to play this number of games (plus the league cup run) in such a short space of time.
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    Thomas Frank

    This is a key point for me... expectations are crazy now. I would also suggest that we keep Thomas for as long as we're performing better than we realistically could expect to based on resources available. Look at Arsenal under Wenger - kept them top four despite a wage bill quite a bit lower...
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    Derby 2 - 2 Bees (Toney(p), Canos)

    Watford were always going to be the main threat to be honest - them and Bournemouth have squad quality/depth way ahead of the rest of the league and it's just luck that Bournemouth inexplicably decided to appoint two rookie managers.
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    Derby 2 - 2 Bees (Toney(p), Canos)

    I can't work out why we suddenly can't play against a back three. We were completely dominant against Swansea's back three a month or two ago and now can't seem to play against that system... such a poor second half.
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    India v England T20 and ODI series

    Two easy wins for the team chasing so far - is the toss / dew that much of a factor? If so, pretty disappointing to have T20 decided at the toss (already an issue at Test level in many places). It may just be below par performances and coincidence but the commentators did keep mentioning it.
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    NEWS EcoWorld - GP - Proposed Redevelopment

    As one such 'moaner' I very much hope you're right.
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    NEWS EcoWorld - GP - Proposed Redevelopment

    Bees season ticket holder and live next to the ground. Was quite happy with the original development plan of 70 houses (4/5 bed with drives/garages for cars). It's also what Brentford needs - so many flats everywhere but not enough houses. The pandemic has shown the value of a garden in the last...
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